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Survivor Sleepover Party -13yr- Capture the Flag



July 2008


Carly in Holbrook, NY, USA

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Survivor Party

For my 13th birthday, I decided to have a survivor sleepover" party. It's a few days from now but obviously I have a lot planned. Okay for the

INVITATION I used Microsoft Word but only because I didn't want to spend so much money on the invitations that I could have been using for much better things during the actual party. So what I did was I typed the basic information on the invitations like the date place time stuff to bring RSVP date and an insight of what we'd be doing.

For the DECORATIONS: I'm planning to collect some thick sticks from around my yard and tie thick ropes to them to make a rope fence for the entrance. Also I'm going to set up my tent in my front yard and put rope lights on the outside so we'll be able to see a little in the dark at night. I was also going to set up some chairs around the outdoor fireplace in the front yard which will also be used for the beginning of the party and for when we roast marshmallows watch a movie and have dinner.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: First of all when the guests arrive they must find the chair with their name on it out of the chairs set up in the front yard and pop the balloon attatched. Inside the balloon will be a note with a color written on it. That will be the team color they are on. Then when everyone arrives and gets a team the teams group up and think of a name for themselves i.e. White Wolves. After that we start the first activity which is

1. BALLOON WAR --> Tie a balloon with string to each ankle on every person. Each team must try to pop the opposite team's balloons without getting theirs popped. The team with the most un-popped balloons at the end of ten minutes wins. The winning team gets +25 points and the losing team gets +5 points.

2. WHO SAID THAT? --> One person on each team sits in a chair one at a time. Someone on their team says Hi or Hello to them. The person in the chair must guess who said that. Play this until everyone gets a turn in the chair or until everyone gets to speak. Winning team gets +50 points and the losing team gets +10 points.

3. CAPTURE THE FLAG --> Just play the original game where each team must try to capture the opposite team's flag and return it to their base. This game can be played x3 times. Winning team = +50 points losing team = +10 points.

4. OBSTACLE COURSE --> Put together an obstacle course using objects for jumps a baby pool filled with ice water a mini trampoline or anything else you have accessible. Then send each person on every team through an obstacle course. Whoever gets under a certain time wins a small prize. The team with the least amount of time total wins. Winning team = +75 points losing team = +15 points.

5. SCAVENGER HUNT --> Write two different lists of things to get. Give each team a different list. Whoever returns first to their base with everything on the list wins. Then switch lists. Winning team = +100 points losing team = +20 points.

6. WATER BALLOON FIGHT --> Basically the driest team after a certain amount of time wins. I'm going to make the time really long like 15-30 minutes. Winning team = +125 points losing team = +25 points.

Then since I have a pool we're going to take a break and go in the pool then have dinner. For my party dinner I'm having a barbecue of chicken wings ribs and salad. Then we're going to roast marshmallows and hang around the tent. We're going to wait for any further dessert because we'll have ice cream during the late night movies. After that we're going to play MANHUNT the original game. Then we'll let the party die down and watch movies and have sundaes and then hang out in the tent again.

In the morning BREAKFAST is going to be eggs and bacon and we'll get to possibly cook it over the fire ourselves. After breakfast I'm planning on us hanging out in the tent and going in the pool. We'll replay some of the survivor events just for fun too and then at 2:00 PM everyone goes home."

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