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Survivor Season 13 -13yr- Tribes & Activities



April 2013


Elizabeth in Great Falls, VA

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Survivor Party

For my thirteenth birthday I really wanted to invite a lot of people. I also happen to love the show SURVIVOR so I decided to create my own miniature version.

INVITATIONS:  For the invitation I just printed off sheets of paper with the survivor logo that said SURVIVOR *insert your last name* Island, it also said, Congratulations! You Have been selected to participate in this season's SURVIVOR! It then had datetime location and a note that said to bring swimsuits and anything they would need to be out in the sun all day. It also said at the end that cell phones and other electronic devices would NOT be allowed so that everyone could enjoy the game. I then rolled the invitations up and tied them with twine to make scrolls.

DECORATIONS:  For decorations I had streamers decorating the porch in the four tribes' colors.(pink yellow lime green and turquoise) I also had flags and picnic blankets at each tribe's "camp." Each flag had its own tribe's name written on it. 

ACTIVITIES: The activities were the best part of the party. When the guests arrived they were separated into 4 tribes of 8. They were then sent outside to their tribe’s camp to wait for their first reward challenge. The challenges alternated reward immunity reward immunity etc. Reward challenges gave that tribe a prize and immunity challenges gave that tribe 10 points as well as immunity at tribal council. After immunity challenges tribes would go back to their camp before heading to one central location where they would vote which team they wanted to lose 10 points with the exception being that they could not vote for the tribe that currently held immunity. The tribe with the most points at the end of the day won these mini trophies.

The reward challenges were like this: FIRE ICE AND BUGS OH MY!: Each tribe is given 10 minutes to melt a block of ice and get as many plastic bugs out as possible. Cannot break the ice. Prize: Mini water bottles. DON’T SPILL: Tribe members take turns racing out to get a tribe colored water balloon and then back to where they would break it over a clear container. First team to make a ping pong ball flow over the edge wins. Use food coloring in the bottom of the clear container so the water changes to the tribe color as it fills the container. Prize: bag of candy.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE Tribes are given whiteboards to write their answers on and are given 4 questions one at a time each in an individual sealed envelope. On my dad’s go they opened the first question consulted over it and then one member wrote the answer and then raced to stand in front of their team flag where they revealed their answers. Give that team the next sealed question on the way back. Repeat until all questions are asked/answered. Use questions from riddles app. Prize: Fruit basket.

SURVIVOR BOWLING: 24 cans (8 of each tribe color) are lined up. Tribe Members take turns using water balloons to try and knock down the opposing tribes cans. Last tribe with a can standing wins. Prize: Chips. GOING FISHING: Each tribe sends one member at a time to find a Swedish fish in some food (jello pudding whipped cream marshmallow Oreo/cookie crumbles and candy.)  1st tribe to find the Swedish fish in their round wins a point. The team with the most points at the end wins the challenge.

The Immunity challenges went like this: PUZZLE ME CRAZY: 4 Tribe Members from each tribe take turns racing out to find color coded puzzle zip-lock bags (taped in various hidden places on the jungle gym). Once found they raced back to their tribal island where the 2 other players begin immediately assembling the puzzle. First tribe finished putting their puzzle together wins and gets 10 points.

ICY FEET: Each team gets in a line with a tub in front of it. The tub is filled with ICE COLD WATER and marbles and on the count of three one team member sits down in a chair and sticks their feet into the tub. They have to get as many marbles out with their feet in one try as they can then put them in a bowl next to the tub and go to the end of the line. After two minutes are up the marbles are counted and the team with the most marbles gets 10 points.

TUG-O-WAR: Two teams compete at a time in traditional tug-of-war game. Winner then moves on to final round where they will compete against the other winner in another tug-of-war game. The winning team receives 10 points. Endurance: Each tribe picks a member to stand on a chair. Each decision whether to continue or get down must be made as a tribe. First stand for 3 minutes holding a weight over head and then offer candy to get down. Next stand for 3 mins holding two weights above head - offer candy & soda (1 for each tribe member) to get down. Next stand for 3 minutes on one leg holding two weight overhead offer candy soda and chips to get down. If you still have someone standing after 5 minutes on one leg  have them hold two weights on one leg for as long as possible. The Tribe with the last person standing gets 10 points

GUIDE ME PLEASE: Two members from each tribe are blindfolded and put in the wheelbarrow position. They must then wheelbarrow their way over to a rope before they can start walking. They must then walk to the swing-set climb up the ladder and slide down the slide. After that they must each spin around ten times before doing a cartwheel. The only directions may come from tribe-mates and the pair must remain blindfolded. The first pair to complete all of the tasks wins 10 points and immunity. After all the challenges were over we went and had dinner while my parents tallied the scores. After dinner they announced who won and we had cake and my parents set off fireworks. (that was a surprise even to me) They then handed out sparklers and we had fun running around until everyone’s parents got there.

COSTUMES: We didn't really have any costumes except everyone got a bandanna in their tribe’s color. 

PARTY SNACKS:  For food we didn't have anything special. My dad just grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and we had chips veggies and watermelon. 

CAKE:  For my cake since we had over 30 people we baked two cakes one chocolate and one vanilla and decorated them to look like an island connected by a drawbridge. We used blue frosting around the edges for the ocean and in between the cakes to make a river in the middle of the island. We decorated the rest of the cake with yellow frosting topped with these brown crumbly sprinkle things to make it look sandy. We also topped it with mini palm trees and tiki-torch candles.

FAVORS:  For party favors everyone just got to take home their bandanna and everyone received a tiki torch. Overall the party was a lot of fun and kept everyone busy for the whole 8 hours that it took. "

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