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Survivor Scavenger Hunt -13yr- Get the Spiders



January 2005


Pam in Nicholasville, KY  - USA

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Survivor Party

Survivor/Scavenger Hunt Teen Party  I planned this party for my daughter's 13th birthday.  I let her make the guest list but I couldn't give her any clues as to what I had planned which added to the fun and anticipation for both her and her guests.  I just told them to plan on some surivivor type games and a scavenger hunt and bring their sleeping bags. 

I enlisted the help of one of the other moms to help carry out my plan because we needed two cars for part of the games.  When the guests had all arrived I gave each girl a balloon to pop. We had 5 guests plus my daughter made 6 (an even number works best if you can arrange it).  Inside the balloon was a piece of paper with either the color green or pink written on it and a number 1,2 or 3.  Then they were given a bandana to wear identifying the color of their team (green or pink).  This way the girls were divided into equal teams without getting to pick whose team they were on. 

I already had a pink bandana on and the other mother had a green bandana.  Then the girls had to pick a captain of their team. The girl from each team that drew the number 1 had to play the first game, number 2 the second game, etc.  I also had 2 team games where everyone played.  For each game played they would be awarded a clue for the scavenger hunt that would come later.  The winning team of each game was awarded a point also.  We kept track of the points on a dry erase board so everyone could see. 

For the first game I had hidden a piece of bubble gum in the bottom of a soft paper plate.  The girls had to find the piece of gum, chew it up and blow a bubble. Their hands tied behind their back. The first one to blow a bubble won the point and each team was awarded a clue. We had so much fun watching them.  They were laughing so hard they couldn't even blow a bubble.  Be sure and have your video camera ready for this one if you can. 

For the second game I took two rectangular metal pans and filled them with kitty litter and tootsie rolls (without the wrapper).  Then I had plastic spiders (10 total) in each pan.  The girls were told to pick the spiders out with their hands and put them on a paper plate.  The first one to do that would win a point.  They thought that was going to be easy.  Then I blind folded them and poured water into the kitty litter pans.  Everyone was laughing and they didn't know why!!  When they stuck their hands in the wet litter they were in for a big surprise! 

The third game I had a big bowl of gooey stuff like raw eggs, mustard and ketchup.  Mixed up in it were plastic snakes.  Again they were blind folded and told to get the worms out of the gooey stuff.    The first team game was to find a wild animal wearing your colors.  I hid 2 stuffed lions outside in the bushes, one wearing a pink bandana and one wearing a green bandana.  The first team to find their animal won a point.  The second team game and the final game was a word scramble.  I had scrambled the words "Happy Birthday Allison" and gave each team a sheet of paper with the letters written on it and the captain was given a pencil.  The first team to figure it out got a point. 

Now that the games were over we moved on to the next phase of the competition.  The team moms were given the clues (still in envelopes), a polaroid camera and each had a cell phone.  The teams were told that each envelope held a riddle they had to solve and decide where the clue was telling them to go.  Each place represented one of my daughter's favorite places to go.  The drivers were told that none of the places were more than 10 miles away and they were not allowed to help solve the clues.  The girls had to decide where to go then the driver could decide the best route to get there. 

Then the girls had to do certain things while they were there and take a picture to prove they were there.  The clues were in different orders so we weren't always at the same place (although we did run into each other) except for the last clue where we all ended up at the final spot.  The team captain had to read the clues.  The moms were instructed not go give them the next clue until they had carried out the one before so you couldn't read all your clues at once.   The clues were all in rhymes and it was so much fun listening to them decide where to go.  Here's where we went:  Softball field - (all the girls were softball players so they had to go to the softball field and take a picture at home plate. 

Dairy Queen - They were given $5 and each girl had to get something to eat and take a picture by the DQ sign with their food item.  Walmart - They could only spend $1 plus tax and see who could buy something with the most items.  The winners of this challenge bought a package of rubber bands!  Then they had to take a picture by the smiley face.  The final spot was a favorite pizza restaurant nearby where we all met and ate pizza, compared stories and looked at each others pictures. 

Then we all went back to the house added up the points and awarded prizes.  I had a prize for everyone but let the winning team pick first.  The gifts were all bath and body stuff that teenagers love so everyone was happy with their prize.    While we were gone, my husband put up a tent and built a camp fire for the girls and they had smores for dessert. I had glow in the dark necklaces for them and they told ghost stories half the night!  My daughter said it was the best party ever and her friends are still talking about it.  I think I had as much fun as they did and it was nice to share this special birthday with my daughter and her friends.

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