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Boyfriend Surprise -18yr- Hallway of Balloons



May 2008


Catherine in Orinda, California, United States


Teen Surprise Party

So my boyfriend's birthday is the day directly after our school's Senior Prom night, but this can still be done any day, night, time, etc.  We arrive at my front door at around midnight (now, technically his birthday) and I tell him I need to get something inside. I leave him outside (poor guy) so I can make all the quick preparations (soon to come).

Ideally, you want an insider on the job to put everything in place and light the candles so you don't have to make the run inside or leave candles burning in your house unattended.  The preperation that I have planned is to completely fill the hallway/entryway of my house with balloons. I think it is better to have smaller (8-9 inch) balloons because more space is filled and there is more color. Instead of using hallway lights, I use Christmas or running lights along the edges of the hallway so the balloons glow" from below.

At the end of the hallway are the candles and dessert I have baked  to add that personal touch. Because it's just the two of us the dessert does not have to be a large one. This gives you the advantage of eating something small but satisfying after a long day/night. Also I use tea candles because they're small sometimes fragrant and can be placed all over the room instead of just on the dessert adding to the magical feel.

I also have the a medly of love songs that will play quietly throughout the night.  So as a review after prep he is led into the house by me is greeted by some of the greatest love songs of the century and a hallway of balloons. As he advances further into a intimate candlelit room with his birthday gift and a dessert for two.

We enjoy the food and the night goes on from there.  Now I know I keep mentioning the dessert which is a key point so I thought I'd be fair and give dessert ideas as well. If you want to go with something more rich and heavy miniature cheesecake or chocolate cake is good but try to pair it with something light like fruit or atleast a glass of milk.

Food that is a bit more interactive is chocolate fondue. Personally I plan on making Croquembouche (French="Cracks in mouth") which is a tower of profiteroles (cream puffs) held together with spun sugar. For those of us that have trouble baking at times "box-desserts" are a great option; they're frequently very tasty and always moist when baked properly. Or you could simply go to a local bakery.

Smaller desserts from bakeries can be more interesting than sheet cakes anyway. And don't forget cupcakes are always in style."

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