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Surprise Party -14yr- Surpise & Sleepover



July 2006


Brittany in Illinois


Teen Surprise Party

For my friend Kirten's 14th birthday party me and my friends threw a suprise party for her. 

On a Friday night we had a huge party with all of her friends at my house. She thought that she was just coming over to spend the night with me. So once she got there we walked to the backyard (where all the guests were) and everyone jumped out and yelled surprise!

I have a big deck so we had all the presents and food on tables on the deck.  We decorated with streamers and balloons in her favorite colors.

Then for our first game we did a scavenger hunt. We already had pre picked teams so that no one would fight about which team they were on. There were 4 different teams and each team was a different color (we used her favorite colors). We made each person a shirt the color of their team and wrote their names on the back with fabric paint. Then we explained the rules and gave each team their first clue.  Each team had different clues so that they couldn't talk to other teams and cheat.  We had prizes for the winning team but you don't have to have prizes.

We also played buns volleyball. To play this game you'll need a beach ball and some folding chairs. You set the chairs up in a straight line to use for the net. Then split everyone up into two teams. Everyone has to sit on their buns for the whole game, so if someone gets on their knees to hit the beach ball that point wouldn't count. You could get a parent or older sibling to be the referee if you wanted. 

We also played games like capture the flag and musical chairs.

Then at 11 all the boys went home and the girls spent the night.

With the girls we had fashion shows, makeovers, karoke, danced, watched movies, and pretty much everything except sleep. 

Then in the morning all the girls left at 11 except for Kirsten, the birthday girl, and me and her other three closest friends. We were all going to go to St. Louis that afternoon but Kirsten didn't know about it yet. We had all chipped in and bought her a dress because we were going to dress up to go to St. Louis. When we were all ready we drove to the St. Louis Arch, our first stop. We got to walk around and ride the trams up to the top.

Then we went to eat at the Spagehettie Factory. After that since it was dark we went on a carriage ride around St. Louis. We had all chipped in for the price of everything so that Kirsten wouldn't have to pay anything since it was for her birthday. Then after all that The five of us came back to my house and spent the night again.

We all had a ton of fun and Kirsten was really surprised! It was the best party ever!

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