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Surprise Party  -15yr- This is Your Life



January 2006


Hannah and Elizabeth in Burlington, VT USA


Teen Surprise Party

For our friends 15th birthday, we decided to throw a surprise party to tell her how special she was.

We decided that we wanted to surprise her at her house so we talked to her mom before and she let us in the back door and we snuck into their basement without our friend, Hayley seeing.

Then her mom sent her to the basement to "get something for dinner". Us and a bunch of her other friends all down there and she came down and we popped out and yelled surprise.

We packed her up and brought her over to Hannah's house where we had Hayleyfest set up. We based everything around her. We had a game show where we had questions about her life in the past fifteen years, Hannah was Alex Trebek and we had three contestants including her.

Then we went upstairs to the "new" show set which was a cooking show. We cooked her favorite foods and a cake that said "Happy Hayleyfest".

Then after that we went outside to skate on the ice rink in the backyard and we had a cd that we had burned with all of her favorite songs.

After that we went back inside to have the last "show" it was kinda like a talk show where she opened her presents with a fake microphone and told us what she thought about them.

Everyone had a really great time and she was sooo surprised. It can be changed around to suit what kind of activities you like to do .  \*Hannah and Elizabeth\*

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