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Limo Surprise -13y- 13 Activities for 13 Years



March 2004


Sheri in Huntington Beach, California, USA


Teen Surprise Party

My daughter's 13th birthday party was a surprise.  The night before the "surprise" she had her best friend spend the night to celebrate her birthday.  That was her party (or so she thought). 

The next day all her friends met my husband and I in the parking lot of their school and the limo picked them up.  The limo headed to our house, where the girls got out with horns and silly string and went up to our door, knocked and when our daughter opened up the door they all surprised her.  Her friends escorted her to the limo and they and I took off. 

Throughout the journey I gave the girls clues, one for each year of my daughter's life.  They girls had to guess where we were going. 

We did bubbles in the limo for year 1, went to the park to feed ducks for year 2.  Year 3 they played on the playground equipment.  We went to the dog park for year 11 when she got her dog (the people there even sang "Happy Birthday" to her.)  The library was another stop. 

We did the merry go round down by the pier.  We took pictures in one of those photo booths because she loves to scrapbook.

She loves games so the girls played Catch Phrase in the limo on the way back home.  We did "13" things for each year of my daughters life. The girls loved riding around in the limo and getting in and out at each stop. 

Of course I took pics at each stop and in the limo. 

My daughter made wonderful scrapbook pages using the clues I had typed up for each year and the pics.

She will never forget that birthday.  Now we just have to come up with a great idea for our son's 13th next year!

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