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Mall Scavenger Hunt -13yr- No Ditching Chaperone



January 2009


Maribeth in North Vernon, IN US

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Shopping Mall Party

For my daughter's 13th birthday I took her and 11 of her friends to the shopping mall for a scavenger hunt.  I decorated the car windows with Happy 13th birthday Abby- Birthday Diva- Big 13.  I also put balloons and birthday garland in the car.  We had snacks and drinks in the car on the way to the all. 

Everyone met at 10 AM  and then set off on the 1 hour 30 min ride to the mall.  After we got to the mall we gave the girls the rules.  These were the rules: 


2) Teams must stay together at all times (even for bathroom breaks) 

3) Only one team allowed in a store at a time if you enter a store and the other team is already there, you must relocate 


5) Teams must be courteous and respectful of sales clerks, other shoppers, their chaperones, each other, etc. 

6) If a sales clerk is assisting a customer, do not interrupt, wait patiently 

7) You may only spend the money that has been provided for you no spending your own personal money

8) If you knock something off a shelf, rack, etc, you must put it back in its place 

9) You may complete your tasks in any order that you choose 

10) Let loose, don't take yourselves too seriously- HAVE FUN!!! EVERYONE MUST PARTICIPATE FOR THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF POINTS! 

The team who finishes the most tasks for the least amount of money in the quickest amount of time will be declared the WINNERS!!  After going over all the rules they were divided into 2 teams and each team had a chaperone. My husband attended the party as a 3rd chaperone and as videographer.  The other mom surprised me and gave each team an additional $13.00 and they had to buy Abby (birthday girl) 3 presents whose letters had to add up to 13 ie: shirt, socks, gum added up to 13 letters and spend as close to the $13.00 without going over.  These were the clues for the scavenger hunt:   Scavenger Hunt Clues & Tasks

1) This coffee bar is a star, but it'll cost you more than a buck. Go there and buy your chaperone a grande hot chocolate. Worth 5 points because keeping the chaperone happy is the most important thing today!! LOL

2) Go to the make up counter in Macys and ask for any makeup sample try to get one for each of you worth 5points 

3) Find a store in the mall that sells CD's. How much does the Twilight Sound Track Cost?  Write down the price.  You'll get 1 point for the store name and 1 point for the correct price 

4)  In the mood for something sweet or spicy?  Go to this twisted Aunt's Store and get a couple of treats to share.  You must all agree on the flavors. Keep your receipt. This task is worth 2 points…1 for completing and 1 for keeping your receipt. Bring a napkin back and it's worth a bonus of 1 point.

5) Go to Von Maur and go to the fancy prom dress department and each of you try one on and have your picture taken (as a group)- 5 points ( we will subtract 2 points if every girl doesn't participate).

6) Go to the store that shares a name with a girl and buy a pair of sensitive solutions earrings- bring back your receipt. . Worth 2 points  -  one for writing down the store name and one for completing the task. Remember the team who spends the least amount wins!

7) Get a ketchup packet from McDonalds, Mustard packet from Chik fil A, and a salt packet from any other restaurant in the food court- 1 point for each packet.

8) You can't take a bath in the store but go there and buy something for your body- Antibacterial Mango Mandarin Hand Soap- Bring back your receipt and the soap- worth 2 points.  

9) Go to the directory and write down the locoation for Victoria's Secret, Coach, and Old Navy~ worth 1 pt. each.  Bonus of 2 points if you bring back a paper copy of the mall directory.

10)  Name a store that starts with each of these letters A B I G A I L you cannot use the same store name twice Worth 1 pt. each  

11) Go to Sears and pose on a riding lawn mower and have your picture taken. Worth 1 point for each girl who participates- get a bonus 5 points for asking a stranger to pose with you. (Bonus 2 points if the stranger is a cute guy)

12) You can't come to the mall without visiting the happiest store on earth!  Go there and have your picture taken as a group with one of the cast members. Worth 2 points. 

13) Go the shoe department of JC Penney and sing I'm a Little Tea Pot- have your picture taken while in the pour me out position- 10 points (subtract 5 points if every girl doesn't participate)

14) Go to Applebee's and ask for a balloon- if they don't have any blown up ask for a children's menu and crayons. Worth 5 points

15)  After all of this running around you must have worked up an appetite!  Go directly to the food court and we'll have lunch.  While we are there we tally everything up and see how everyone did and declare a winner!!  After declaring the winner I passed out $5.00 ARCH cards to the winners. 

The girls gave Abby the gifts they bought and they were awesome- one team made her a teddy at Build-A-Bear.  Abby also unwrapped the other gifts that the girls brought.  Each girl signed a t-shirt and a picture mat for a special memory of the party.  

We ate lunch at the food court- most of the girls wanted pizza or sub-way but I let them choose any place they wanted.  We brought cupcakes for everyone- they were decorated like tie-dye and each cupcake had a 13 on them.  After lunch we had a little time left for shopping and we had a great time doing that.  A highlight of the day was riding the escalator- I'll never understand teenagers.LOL. 

When we arrived back at the meeting place Abby passed out party favor bags that consisted of: fuzzy socks, chap stick, movie candy" and gum. It's been a week since the pary and all of her friends are still talking about it- I have read their comments on My Space and it really was a hit. 

It wasn't that expensive.  Here's the break down: Money for teams: $ 60.00 Lunch:  120.00 Decorations:   20.00 Snacks:  40.00 cupcakes:  15.00

It was an AWESOME party! "

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