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Mall Photo Scavenger -13yr- Photo Challenges



September 2008


Lisa in Lake Oswego, OR, USA


Shopping Mall Party

I wanted to do a mall scavenger hunt for my daughter's 13th birthday. I found ideas, but they either consisted of gathering a lot of trash (discarded sales receipts, shopping bags, etc.) or they were too hard for me to organize because they involved quiz questions that I would have to know the answers to first. (How many ladies rooms, How many escalators) That was too hard. So, I came up with a Photo Version that was a HUGE success. Here are the rules and the subjects we chased down.

After the hunt, we trooped over to Red Robin for burgers and shakes and recounted the funniest photo moments from the day. The prizes had to be delayed while the photos were developed. We chose to use disposable cameras instead of being responsible for the safety and return of digital cameras, however, digital would have permitted immediate prizes.

Prizes were gift cards to Pizza Schmizza, Jamba Juice and Starbucks of varying amounts based on 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. I also took all the pictures and created a photo album for each of the girls as a fun memory book of the day.

I also gave the girls a lecture on mall security and polite behavior. I told them to ask a sales clerk for help and to be respectful of other mall patrons. No running or screaming like banshees. I said if anyone got in trouble with security because of bad behavior that their team was disqualified. Some stores don't allow photography (like Victoria's Secret) so be aware. 

Game Rules:

1. You earn points for each photo taken. The camera has 27 photos so you will work until the camera is full or time runs out.

2. Photos are scored as follows: 2 points for each photo that includes everyone on the team (meaning a stranger has to take the photo for you) or 1 point is awarded for a photo that does not include all team members.

3. The subject of the photo must be easily identified.

4. No two pictures may come from the same location.

5. Teams are started at different points in the mall so the groups don't follow each other.

6. Teams are awarded bonus points based on finish time as follows:  
  a. 1st team to finish +10 points  
  b. 2nd team to finish +5 points  
  c. 3rd team to finish +2 points  
  d. 4th team to finish +0 points

Time Limit: approx 90 minutes Late Penalty: One point is deducted for each minute that a team is late returning to the meeting spot. 

Photo Subjects:
Wearing Sunglasses
Sampling Tea
Pointing to a Mall Map
Sampling food at the food court
Wearing red lipstick
Posing with a lava lamp
In front of Orange Julius
Sitting on a couch in a store
Hiding behind a tree or plant
Posing in front of a mirror
Wearing hats
Sampling perfume
Modeling Purses
Sitting in a booth at McDonald's
Holding Calendars
Lying on a bed
Posing with major kitchen appliance
Modeling eyeglass frames
Pose along with a mannequin
Sitting in a massage chair
Holding sports equipment
Standing under an umbrella
Holding a stuffed animal
Playing a video game
Holding Converse sneakers
Holding or Pointing to a Lego Sculpture
Holding cell phones in a cell phone store
Reading a child's picture book
In a kiddie play area
Getting your hair straightened
posing with a cute male sales clerk
Reading Greeting cards
5 POINT Bonus Photo: Modeling a Giant Cupped Granny Bra. (that one was HILARIOUS)

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