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Shopping/Sleepover Party -13yr- Credit Car Invites



March 2009


~Amy~ in i live in the United States


Shopping Mall Party

For my 13th birthday party i decided to do something so ah-mazing that everyone would absolutly LOVE it!!

INVITATIONS: Since my party was partly shopping I decided to make the invites actual credit cards!! I bought some fake plastic credit cards that were personalized saying the guest's name and all the party details.  All the info. was engraved just like real credit cards!! The invites were AWESOME!! All my friends loved them.  For the actaul party none of my friends knew what we were in for.When all of my friends arrived we just hung out for a little while.

Our next plans were to go to the mall. I opened the front door to reveal a limo.  My friends were amazed!! THis was the best part. THe limo was going to take us to the mall. Inside the limo we had strwberry and banana smooties in wine glasses. When we got to the mall we did a scavenger hunt that my mom put together a week before.

After this we headed back to my house for cake and gifts. For the gifts I had all the girls go and get a gift that wasn’t their's.Then we picked names out of a hat to see who would present her gift fist. The person who gave the first and last gift won a prize.  My cake was soooo cool!! It was a green cake with purple frosting and pink polka dots on top. I loved it.

DECORATIONS: For decorations I went all out. Ln my house I put all different colored streamers and balloons everywhere.

GAMES: At my party we played lots of games. One game we played was relay races. Every winner won a prize. Another game we played was blindfolded makeover. WE were blindfolded and had to give one of our friends a makeover. That didn’t turn out to well!:P but it was fun. Again the winner got a prize. I gave all the girls a bag that they got to decorate. The girls put all the prizes they won from the games in these bags.

ACTIVITES: For activies all we did was simple fashion show with clothes we bought from the mall and a pillow fight. Again the winners got prizes. I also bought a container and filled it with candy. All the girls got a ticket in their invitation that they had to bring. The girls put their guess on it then put it in a box. The person who was the closet got the jar of candy.

COSTUMES: For costumes everyone had to wear pink clothes while I wore purple(my 2 favorite colors.)

PARTY SNACKS: For snacks we just had bowls of junk food such as doritos, chips, chex mix ect. Around the house.

FAVORS: As favors for my party I wanted to do something AWESOME!!!! SO I decided on coach totes!! There were a bunch of colors so in my invites I sent out a servey asking the guests which color they wanted. Inside the tote I put a pair of hollister flip flops(choice of color again), a gilly hicks lip gloss, a juicy wristlet, a  giftcard to pink and a piece of hair ribbon. I also put in a copy of the videos we took throughout the party and a bunch of pictures!! 

The girls also got to keep all their prizes as part of their goodybags. This party was soooo much fun!! For thank you cards I sent all the girls pictures of them while they were asleep!! I sent the thank yous in little boxes and inside I included a pen and pair of earings.

All my friends LOVED my party. It was soooooooooo AH-MAZING!!!!!! I am so grateful. I would recommend this party to anyone turning the big 13!! <3

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