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Shopping & Sleepover -13yr- Stretch the Story



August 2007


lauren in Wilton, CT, USA


Shopping Mall Party

For my 13th birthday, i wanted to a have a fabulous party that wasnt just a couple hours, so i decided to have a sleepover, not just for a night, for a weekend! My party was very pricy, but the price easily be lowered.    activities: we met at my house at 4:30 and once everyone (my 3 closest friends) were there, we made our own salads (i bought lots and lots of salad toppings)  and put them in disposable plastic containers for the ride to the mall. In the car we ate our salads and i handed out the party favors which were $20 mall gift cards)  

We got to the mall at about 5:30 and instantly started shopping.  We shopped until 8:30.  Salads are not very filling so we then went to the food court and ordered a small pizza from subarro, then we went to Mrs. Fields and each got a large cookie.  Then we drove home.  It was about 9:30 when we got home. 

First we opened gifts.  Then, we got ready for bed and played a game called stretch the story.  How to play: First everyone get a sheet of comp paper and writes a random sentence down at the top.  Then, they pass the paper to the next person, who writes a sentence to go with the sentence before. 

After they have written down their sentence they fold down the paper so the next person can only see what that person wrote. If u go around a couple times the stories usually end up really funny.  After we played that we played a game called GIRLS, just like bingo xcept instead of bingo its girls and instead of numbers it's boys from our school.  Then it was 11:30 and we watcheda movie until 1:00 when we went to sleep.

NEXT DAY we were woken up at 9 and had breakfast soon after.  Then we finished our movie from the night before and got dressed.  Then we made our own wraps for lunch.  We ate the wraps in the car at like 12 and got there around 12:30.  We went straight for the roller coasters and then the water rides. 

After everyone was exhausted we cooled down with dipp n dots ice cream and headed for the gift shop, then drove home. My parents surprised me and took us to the lunchanette for dinner, my favorite restaurant in town center.  By the time we got home it was 8:00 and everyone needed a shower, we took turns takng showers and got into our pjs and then we had carvel ice cream cake at 9.  After that we did gifts.  Then to end the night we played a lot of games and watched another movie. 

The games were really fun: First, we did a giftwrapping contest, to see who could wrap a gift box, tie a ribbon around it, and put a tag with their name on it the fastest second, we played memory a bilia, where we put about 20 glamour items on the table, each one was labeled.  You would be allowed to ry to memorize as many as you could for 30-40 seconds. Then they would be taken away and everyone would be given a sheet of paper to write down as many as they could remember, the peosn with the most correct answers wins.

And the last game we played was called truth or lie a fun game where each person ghinks of 3 tru facts and one lie about themselves.  Whoever can guess which one is the lie wins, if no one guesses then that person wins.  The last day we finished our movie while my mom made muffins, jumped on the trampoline and played spud until their parents came 2 pick them up at 12 noon. 

Everyone had a blast and we all still remember and laugh about the time when.

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