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Amazing Mall Party -13yr- Money for Purchases



March 2007


Kathryn in Charlton, MA, USA

Honorable Mention

Shopping Mall Party

Hey, I am here to let you know about the best party a gilr turing 13 can have! I was looking for an idea for my 13th birthday cause its a special one and i found it and had it. It was a mall scavenger hunt! Me and my friends had a blast!

INVITATIONS: I mad credit cards and it had there name on it and all the info on the back ( where, when, what to bring ( toothbrush, pillow, sleepign bag, fashionable pj's, extra clothes for fashion show, make up,hair stuff, nail polish, and extra money if they want to buy stuff for them selfs while shopping), time, RSVP, ect). I made them by taking card stock and tracing a credit card, then I decorated it with gems and markers and glitter. I put them in a box and wrapped the box, i then passed them out to my closest friends.

DECORATONS: i decorated my house with balloons and ribbon all pink and green.

PREP: Choose your closest friends whcih i invited 9. The more you invite the harder it is but it can be more fun. The go to your local mall 1 day ahead of time and go through the store making a lost of objects and the price and where it was. The more the better, The narrow it down to 20 things all lowly priced. Make sure if kids brought there own money they dont spend that and they must have the reseats to every store with every object. Next make a list of clue (such as this is something with the stores name on it and its Type the list up and make sure you have 7 copies of each list. Get two bags.

PARTY: Put each girls name in a bag and pick the teams so they are fair. Give 1 person per team a bag with an evelope containg ( you can fill in money amount) 15$, a list of rules, 2 lists of clues (incase they loose one), a disposable camera ( maybe 2), note book, pen, and gum.

Make sure at least 1 girl per team has a cell phone so it isnt needed to have a parent tag along. Make sure each girl knows the rules. Before going to the mall have the girls come to your house where they can leave there sleepover stuff. Have them bring extra clothes that the othergirls can pick out for them and let them get there make up in my your friends or sibling or parents but make sure it looks good, also do there hair.

Then leave for the mall and let them go on the scavenger hunt, the team with the most money left, and gets the most wins ( you can give out prizes of your choice). After that go back to your house and have dinner ( pizza works best), then do cake and ice cream , and then presents.

Next you get the camera develpoped. While a parent is doing that you can spread out everything you bought and lable it with a number, then put the same numvers in a bag and each geust picks a number and gets the prize (the bday gilr goes first) after all the prizes are gone or atleast everyone gets the same amount you can do what ever you want such as play games, make up dances, so on and so on. Make sure there is plent of food sych as popcorn, ice cream ,soda, juice, chocolate, candy, fruit, veggies, left over pizza, and chips with dip. Let the gueast have what they want and make sure it close by where you are.

Then have ste activities to do such as decorate t-shirts, bags, socks, pillow cases, and ect. Also make mini scrapbooks with the photos you took. Guest can get there hair, make up ,and nails, done again, and have a fashion show in your pj's and normal clothes. When it starts to get late set up the sleeping bags and pop in a movie. Let the girls settle in and lay donw the rules such as no coming upstair other than to get something in the bday girl bedroom, don’t be loud, get SOME sleep, ect. In the mouring make a breakfast of pancakes and bagels and toast, and fruit, and yogurt, ect. Then Play more games and make frames for a group picture you took at the mall and had copies for each girl. After that ket the girl chill while waiting for the parents!

GOODIE BAGS: Just a bag with candy and small  dollar storw stuff because you already gave them the stuff from the mall and scrapbooks and frames. This party was a great succsess and you can be very flexable with it. You can can give the girls more or less money if you want.

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