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Mall Trip Party -13yr- Stay with the Team



September 2011


Katie in Ann arbor, Michigan, USA


Shopping Mall Party

I am having a 13th birthday. It being my last for a while, I have to make it amazing.

Starting with the invites, I will make just simple, pretty cards not giving anything away about the main activity.

For decorations, dinnerware will be purple, balloons will be scattered everywhere, and streamers will be flowing from the light. For the most part, the little stuff is done.  Now for the main activity, the girls will come in a plain white t-shirt and jeans, so everyone is matching including me, the birthday girl. When everyone arrives, we will eat food. That will include pizza, bread sticks, chips, candy, veggies and dip, etc. We will start out with makeovers for everyone to look cute! I will lay out a straightener, curler, hair stuff, and makeup on a table. People with do makeovers to each other.

Then, my mom will drive us to the mall. The reason for us to match and do makeovers is that we will all take a picture together at a photo place. Everyone will get a little photo of us all together. Then my mom will hand out instructions and a bandana to everyone so we can begin our scavenger hunt. While everyone looks at the papers given and listens to my mom, we will split up into groups. Since there are nine people, it will be a group of four and a group of five. 

For the hunt, the following will be the instructions: 

1) You must wear your bandana at all times.

2) If another team approaches a store, you can not go in.

3) You may only use the money given.

4) You must stay with your team at all time.

5) You have to obey all the rules in the mall, and don't act inappropriate.

6) You have to have your cell phone at all times.

7) You can not have anyone help you with all the tasks unless this person is on your team, and every teammate must participate in at least five tasks!

8) You can not leave the building.

9) You have to listen to the captain and the adult!

10) You have to come back in exactly 2 and a half hours, no later.  (Then there will be around 50 tasks to do with points) 

-have a stranger take a pic of all of you (pic for 1p) 
-buy the biggest gumball you can get for under a $1 (buy for 2pts) 
-go to justice and try on the ugliest thing you can find (pic for 4pts) 
-go somewhere and put on underwear and a bra over your clothes (pic for 6pts) 
-take a pic with a stranger (pic for 8pts) 

NOTE FOR TEAMS: You don't have to complete all of these tasks, and you don't have to do them in this order.  So then we will go to my house, and my mom will hand out $5 gift cards to everyone in  which ever winning team. Then everyone will receive something we bought along with a picture we made at the photo place. My mom will also print out the pics we made in the mall so everyone can make a mini scrapbook.

After that, we will finally eat desserts(cake and ice cream), and open the birthday presents. Then, we will watch a scary movie and eat popcorn such as Insidious, The Black Swan, or maybe The Roommate.

To calm us down, then we will watch a chick flick or comedy such as Monte Carlo or Gnomio and Juliet. When the movie is done, and the time is like twelve we will talk, stay up, and have fun! Then we wake up, have breakfast, and everybody leaves with a great memory in their head.

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