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Mall Scavenger Hunt -13yr- Collect Napkins



April 2012


Melissa in Rochester, NY, U.S.A


Shopping Mall Party

For my 13th birthday party, I decided to do a mall scavenger hunt. Everyone had tons of fun. There were six girls including me. We split into two teams of 3 and my mom and dad went with a group. After we went to the mall, we had a sleepover. 

INVITATIONS: I made these by hand. On the front of the card, I wrote You're invited" in glitter glue and around it I put pictures of dresses and shoes and accesories that you would find in the mall. On the inside I put all of the information.

DECORATIONS: For decorations I printed out logos from the stores that were in our mall and I mounted them on paper to make them stand out more. I taped these on the wall as well as some pictures that I had taken out of a magazine and I had framed these with bright paper.

ACTIVITIES: To start the party we all gathered at my house and picked teams . Then we went out to a pizza place for dinner. After that we all drove to the mall to start the scavenger hunt.

Some of the things we had to do were take pictures of things such as: Smelling the fake flowers next to a bubblegum machine something your grandma would not enjoy getting for her birthday A "Happy 100th birthday Card Posing with a mannequin, Wearing the ugliest outfit you can find, wearing extremely tall heels, in something vey sparkly and a price tag whose digits add up to 25. Some things that we had to buy were: a travel size hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works, and nail polish from Rite Aid.

Another category on the list was riddles. Some were: You can look this age forever if you shop at this store. When you get there, count how many people shopping there are around this age (this store was forever 21), A cow named Maggie makes this sound. Count how many toppings you can get on your ice cream (Maggie Moos), and some other challenges were: Collect as many napkins as you can with a restaurant name on it, how many tables are in the food court? And what is the name of a patriotic store that sells smells? (Yankee Candle.) these were just some of the ideas.

When we finished the scavenger hunt, we met and got cookies at the cookie store. Then we headed home. Additional activities that were at my house were: Making a scrapbook of all our pictures that we took and karaoke.

GAMES: All the games listed here were played at my house. The first game was name that song and artist. I would play a song and they would be on two teams and whoever could write down the correct name and artist first and come back to the other side of the room got the point.(The paper was on the other side of the room.)

PARTY SNACKS: we bought cookies at the mall for desert, but when we got back to my house, we also had a Ben & Jerry's Ice cream taste test. Everyone was blindfolded and had to try to guess what flavor it was. My mom bought strange flavors, so it was fun trying to guess what it was called.

FAVORS: Their favors were the nail polish and hand sanitizer they bought at the mall, and they also got to keep their scrapbooks they made.

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