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Silly Stunt Hunt Party - Specific Area



March 2008


Chelsea in Middletown, DE USA

Honorable Mention

Scavenger Hunt Party

For the end of my junior year, I decided to get all of my friends together for a party.  I had both of my parents and my mom's best friend attend so that they could drive because I didn't want teenage drivers responsible (you could imagine how fast they would be going under pressure ;) ) Nine people came to my house to start and we put the names of all of the teens in a hat.  Each of the adults took turn drawing names of who would be in their car so we ended with three teams of three with an adult driver/judge/helper. Then I distributed the rules.      

1.  You cannot use my house or the houses of any of your team members.   

2. You will have five minutes prior to the hunt to meet with your team members, get acquainted if you're not already, and plan your attack.   

3. Cheating will ruin the game. It's no fun and you won't be rewarded for it. This includes but is not limited to: bribing people to help you with your task, recruiting people you see in town for your team, sabotaging other teams, and saying you did tasks you didn't.   

4. If you use a house (random or friend of team member) you can only get or do two things in that house.   

5. You must stay within the Middletown, Odessa, and Townsend area.   

6. If you choose to use money to help you with your tasks, you may not use more than $5 total.   

7. If you get kicked out of an establishment while completing a task or getting a picture or item, any tasks or items received there are not valid.   

8. Your adult can NOT help you with every task. They can hint and guide you, but you are responsible for completing the list. The adults are your official driver and judge.   

9. You cannot split up or work on more than one challenge at the same time.   

10.  You will be charged 10 points for every 5 minutes you are late coming back. 

Then after we went over the list and made sure everyone was clear, we handed out the lists.  I compiled this list myself with my own ideas, my friends and families ideas, and ideas I got online from others.   Get Pictures With:    
* Team with a stranger (10 points)    
* Little kid making a funny face (10 points)    
* Fish (10 points)    
* Team members in a house that's for sale (open house type deal) (10 points)    
* Team at a Construction Site (20 points)     
* Team member walking stranger's dog (20 points)    
* Team members in someone's living room (20 points)    
* Team members with the minister of a church (20 points)    
* Mullet (30 points)    
* Whole team standing in a shower (30 points)    
* Team with a policeman (30 points)    
* Team member's grandparent (30 points)    
* Team member braiding a stranger's hair (30 points)    
* 3 Strangers doing the Macarena (video if possible!) (40 points)    
* A team member in the adult section of a video rental store (40 points)     
* Team members with the mayor (40 points)    
* Team members in front of ALL of the elementary schools (40 points)    
* Team members in front of any sign with the letter q in it (40 points)    
* Team members with someone name Bobby (40 points)   Your team must find the following:     
* 3 take-out menus (10 points)    
* 3 business cards (10 points)    
* Deposits slip from 3 different banks (10 points)    
* A 1990 penny (10 points)    
* A balloon from Grottos (still inflated when you return) (10 points)    
* The URL for 5 different people's myspaces (10 points)    
* 5 used napkins (10 points)    
* A handful of cereal (10 points)    
* Mr. Tanner's phone number (10 points)    
* A bobby pin from a hair salon (20 points)    
* Free Samples from 3 different places (20 points)    
* Something made in Canada (20 points)    
* A Flintstone vitamin (20 points)    
* Something from a yard sale (20 points)    
* 1 restaurant menu (not take-out!) (30 points)     
* A $2 Bill (30 points)     
* A fork from waffle house (bring it with you!) (30 points)    
* A wallet or wristwatch of a member of an opposing team (30 points)    
* The nametag from someone who works at a grocery store (30 points)    
* A furby (40 points)    
* A David Hasselhoff CD (40 points)    
* Dentures (40 points)     
* Bowling Shoes (From bowling alley!) (40 points)    
* Swahili Dictionary (40 points)    
* A Sorry, we're closed sign (40 points)  Your team must do the following:   
* Go to a Chinese restaurant and only order water (10 points)     
* Get service without shoes or shirt (10 points)    
* Get a DJ on the radio 93.7 to play We are the Champions (10 points)   
* Have a team member ride in a grocery cart through the frozen food section (10 points)    
* Go to a Dollar Store and buy the most individual items you can with one dollar (bring a receipt) (20 points)    
* Pump someone's gas for them. (20 points)    
* Trick or Treat a random stranger's house and obtain a treat (20 points)    
* Pop popcorn without using heat (20 points)    
* Get a fire safety tip from the fire house (20 points)    
* Get a DJ to put you on the radio saying Team ___ Owns! (20 points)    
* Ride the platform cart thing at Lowe's like a surf board (20 points)    
* Try every flavor of water ice available at Rita's. (20 points)    
* Find some sidewalk chalk and write Class of 08 on the sidewalk at MHS (30 points)   
* Get someone of the opposite sex to buy a team member chocolate (30 points)    
* Take a bite of a stranger's meal at a restaurant (40 points)     
* Walk through the drive through and order something (40 points)  

This was really fun and everyone had a great time.  The team with the most points won the bragging rights until this year's party!  I hope my ideas help.  Happy hunting!

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