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Limo Scavenger Hunt -13yr- Beach, Bowling & Stores



March 2008


Lindsay in Smithtown, NY   USA

Honorable Mention

Scavenger Hunt Party

Last year, when I turned 13, i wanted to have a party that would be remembered by everyone. And, I can proudly say that I accomplished my goal. I had a party where about 20 my friends and I searched through my town for items in a limo.  

INVITATIONS:  For the invites, I just went to the store and got birthday paper, and printed all the information on it. I wanted the fact that the limo was coming to remain a surprise. So, I didn't mention it on the invitation, it just said a surprise awaits you when you arrive at the party". 

DECORATIONS:  My mom and I went to the party store the day before my party streamers and other decorations. We didn't want anyone to know about the limo so we made my house look like the party would be held there. We also had decorations in the limo along with chips candy and sodas.  

PARTY SNACKS:  We decided teams for the scavenger hunt by having each kid close their eyes and put their hand into a brown paper bag randomly selecting a push pop (lolly pop). Everyone who got blue was on one team and everyone who got pink was on the other team. (This way the teams were fair and nobody's feelings got hurt). We had snacks such as soda chips and pretzels inside the limo. Also as the hunt went on the kids earned prizes. Some prizes were candy. Once the hunt was over everyone came back to my house where we had chicken fingers french fries and moterella sticks from a local restaurant. Then we all had cookies and made ice cream sundaes.  

FAVORS:  Each person at my party received different prizes from different stops on the scavenger hunt. First they received push pops. They also received pails and shovels candy pez neclaces and many othger prizes too. Thewinning team also received a gift card to a store in the mall.  

NOW FOR THE ACTUAL PARTY: We had all my friends arrive to my house about 15 minutes bofore the limo would arrive. I took all my friends into my house and my mom explained to their parents what we would be doing at my party (because she had to make sure that everyone would be allowed to drive in the limo).

Then after all the parents left my mom explained to all my friends that we would be going on a scavenger hunt (at this point nobody knew about the limo). Then she read off a prtend list of what car people would be going in. (Just to trick everyone!) As everyone was getting into their "assigned" car the limo turned onto my block. Everyone was like OMG look. And then when it stopped in front of my house they were so surprised and started screaming. Then I yelled out "surprise everyone get in!" It was so cool. The limo had disco lights music and tv's in it.

Once we got on the road my mom read us the first clue (be aware that I had no clue of any of the stops clues or some of the prizes.) We figured out that the first clue brought us to the beach that was about 10 minutes from my house. We partied in the limo screaming as we drove to the beach.

When we got there we all ran out of the car and towards the water. We had to look for 2 flags. Once we found them we started digging. And since we were at the beach we won pails and shovels. These would be used to keep all the other prizes in. Then we al ran back to the limo where my mom read the second clue.

It turned out that the bowling alley was our next stop. We played a quick game of bowling team vs. team and the winning team received a point. And once again we ran back to the limo.

We then received candy. Then my mom read the next clue which lead us to an accessory store in the mall called Icing. We had to look for a bag containing neclaces in it. Once we found the bag and neclaces we all got really pretty neclaces. Then we ran back through the mall to the limo.

Then my mom read the last clue leading us the the movie theater. (we didn't see a movie). We just had to look there for a certain sign. Once we found it we were awarded pez candy.

Then we went back to my house. Each team was awarded a point for finding the objects first. So on the way home we added up the points and gave the winning team gift cards to Icing in the mall. We also drove through town sticking our head out the window waving and screaming.

When we arrived back at my house we ate lunch (consisting of chicken finger french fries and motzerella sticks. Then we played games winning more prizes. After that we opened presents and had ice cream sundaes.  

Everyone had tons of fun at my 13th birthday party. It was deffinatly one of the best parties I ever had. I just hope that even though it will be hard I can top my party this year. I hope this helped you and believe me if you have a party like this you will be glad you did. "

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