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Mall Scavenger Party -13yr- Purse with Camera



July 2007


Jennifer in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Honorable Mention

Scavenger Hunt Party

For my daughter's thirteenth birthday she had a Mall Scavenger Hunt and a sleepover. We had to make sure that it was a party she would remember, since she was no longer a kid.

INVITATIONS: For the invitations, she made Visa Credit cards on the computer, with the guest's name on the front, and all of the information on the back. She printed it onto gold cardstock (for thicker paper) and got them lamenated. She put them into envelopes along with confetti, and mailed them. She invited 7 people, plus her is 8.

DECORATIONS: My daughter's favorite colors - sky blue and lavender - created the main color scheme. We had streamers and balloons in all of the rooms the girls would be in, along with whited christmas lights. Outside our house we had a long red carpet" stretching from the street to our door. The girls loved that. We also bought blue and purple plates utensils and cups along with a cake the had purple and blue icing.

PARTY: After arival the girls just hung out for a while and then we caravaned them over to the mall. My daughter made a list of items that were needed to be bought at the mall pictures to be taken free items to be collected and a Bonus section. She printed out that list along with the rules such as all team members must be in the pictures etc.

All girls pulled a bandana out of a bag and went to their teams (we had 2 teams of 4.)

Then they decided amongst themselves who would be the captain. The captain received a cheap purse from the dollar store which held $40 a camera the list my daughter had made and the rules.

The they had 1 1/2 hours to buy items (such as a stuffed animal or a brown hair accessory) take pictures (such as modeling designer handbags and wearing green lipstick) and collect free items (such as a business card or napkin) and complete bonus challenges (like getting a piggy back ride from a stranger and getting a boys phone number)

Each of these things were worth a certain amount of points - Purchases = 3 pts each; Pictures = 2 pts each; Free Items = 1 pt each; Bonuses = a varying amount of points based on the difficulty of the challenges from 3 pts to 6 pts.

The the girls came home for pizza cake and opening of presents.

While they were doing this my husband got the photos developed so we could tally up points.

The winning team got to pick a bag first. In the bag were the items that the teams had bought. After those were all gone the girls designed t-shirts. We gave them each a white t-shirt and set out scissors tacky glue a stapler fabric markers glitter glue and extra multi-colored fabric. Then after 30 minutes they voted on their favorites. The 1st 2nd and 3rd places got a crown and a huge lolipop. After that the girls each received a small scrapbook (purple and blue) and we laid out the pictures as well as stickers glitter glue etc. and they had a blast making their keepsakes.

Then the girls had free time and they all went outside to play kick the can. Then they came in at about 10:00 for movies. Downstairs we had set up a snack bar with popcorn soda and boxes of candy. The girls watched a few chick flicks them stayed up until about three talking and listening to music. In the moring I made homemade waffles and let them add syrup powdered sugar fruit and whipped cream. They LOVED them. Then the girls played around outside until their parents came at 10:30. We gave the girls their goody bags then finally got our rest.

GOODYBAGS: For goody bags we gave out - along with the scrapbooks and scavenger hunt items - a lot of candy and 2 kingsized candy bars. My daughter and all of her friends absolutely loved this party and my daughter doesn't stop talking about it! I would strongly recommend it to anyone throwing their daughter a 13th birthday party. However it was pricey but if your on a low budget you can reduce the costs by taking out some of the side projects like the t-shirts and the scrapbooks.

I hope this helps with your party!"

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