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Photo Scavenger -14yr- Photo Ideas & Rules



November 2006


Megan in Loveland, CO, USA


Scavenger Hunt Party

Mall Scavenger Hunt:  I am going to do this for my fourteenth birthday.  This is a lot of fun for boys as well as girls, especially when a guy team is competing against a girl team! 

Give each team a disposable camera and drop them off at a mall with a time limit.  Some examples are

Photo Scavenger Hunt for Girls:

-  Team member modeling a feather boa 

-  Team member modeling animal slippers 

-  Entire team posing in hats

-  Team member modeling a pair of 5 inch heels 

-  Team member modeling a purse

-  Entire team posing in sunglasses 

-  Team member kissing a mannequin on the cheek 

-  Team member posing in a rocking chair 

-  Entire team posing with footballs

-  Team member posing in a leather jacket 

-  Team member playing a video or electronic game 

-  Entire team posing in high heels

-  Team member posing with a poster of a handsome movie star 

-  Team member modeling anything in an animal print 

-  Team member testing perfume worth over $40 per bottle 

-  Team member writing a note with a feather pen 

-  Entire team posing in prom dresses 

-  BONUS PHOTO:  Entire team posing with a really cute guy (you can do this more than once)  Modify this for guys, including more sports and less fashion stuff.

Drop the cameras off at a one-hour photo, and eat dinner while they develop.  Go pick up the photos and have each team show there pics one at a time.  If you have more than one girl teams, give them the same list and have them show the same themed pics from each team at the same time. 

Award points for each pic based on creativity, humor, originality, etc.  Add up the points and give the winning team a prize! 

Hope this was helpful!!

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