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Sewing Party -13yr- Sewing Kit Favor



December 2009


Elisa in New Jersey, USA

Honorable Mention

Runway Fashion Designer Party

My daughter, Violet, loves fashion so I decided that she and her friends could make fashions. A couple years ago my older daughter said she wanted to take sewing classes so I found a sewing place for kids. It is close to my home too. I called them about signing my older daughter up for winter sewing camp and I also asked if you could have birthday party there. They said yes- I was so excited. By the way she is having 14 girls.

INVITATIONS: I would go on Microsoft Word to make my invitations. My older daughter made skirts at sewing camp bafore so she let Violet model the skirts for the invitation- they are sewing skirts at the party. You should take the pictures outside- not in your home. Then download the pictures on your computer and put one picture on the right side of the paper and another on the left. Then write in info about the party in the middle. Tell them to wear a cute shirt and shorts or leggings.

DECORATIONS: I bought all my stuff at because they had many solid colors. Violet picked two colors for the color theme of her party- kiwi and hot pink. Dont worry if you dont like these colors, they have 20 different colors. I bought half pink and half kiwi of everything and this is what I am going to get plates, cups, tablecloths, forks, knives, spoons, straemers, and balloons. There should be a singled color back drop somewhere in pink.

ACTIVITIES: For the main activities the kids will be sewing skirts. They have a huge selection of fabric at the sewing place so the kids have a wide selection to choose from. When the kids have picked their fabric and color thread they start sewing. After their done with their skirts they will have a photo shoot. Thats what the pink backdrop is for. You take many pictures of girls in the skirts.


1st game- This game is called Pin Cushion". Everyone gets a push pin in a different color. They stick it in a pin cushion. Then write down all the colors and put them in a hat. Then the first five you pick out gets a pin cushion.

2nd game- This game is called "Who has the Thread?". You send someone out of the circle and give someone else a spool of thread. When the person comes back in the circle the person starts passing the thread to the next person and so on. Then the person has to find someone who she thinks has the thread and he looks at them and says "Who's got the thread yeah you got the thread". If she is wrong she has 1 more try but the person accused says "Who's got the thread not me not me". If the person is right then the person accused says "Who's got the thread it's me it's me".

LUNCH: For lunch we are getting catering from a mexican restaurant. They are going to bring burritos tacos quesiideas yummy stuff. This is going to be so yummy.

CAKE: I am making the cake. I am baking pink cupcakes in pink and kiwi cupcake cups. Then I am going to arrange them in the shape of a sewing machine on a cake platter. I am using the top of a cupcake to make the dial and half of the top of another cupcake to make the thread. Use part of a cupcake to make the needle. Then do piping to make some thread looking texture where the thread should be. I will write "Happy 13th Birthday Violet". The cake will look really cute.

FAVORS: For favors the kids get to keep their skirts and some other sewing goodies. You can buy sewing squares at  Joann's and you can also buy thread and some needles. If the kids got a pin cushion they get to keep that too. I hope this idea helps many people paln birthday parties."

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