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Fashion Designing -13yr- Favor is Your New Outfit



January 2010


Melissa in Atlanta, Georgia


Runway Fashion Designer Party

 My daughter, Valerie, had her 13th birthday party last summer. She had a fashion designing party.

We made the invitations on the computer. We made stationary that said Valerie Style in hot pink.  We pretended that we, Valerie Style, were a clothes company and that we were going to launch a new line of clothing. We said we needed our guests, Valerie Style top designers, to help design it. We sent the invitations to 20 girls.

We held the party outside on our large patio. We wanted it to be like a real fashion company so we had an area/ office for every guest, each office should have a hot glue gun, a pencil, a pair of scissors and a sketch pad.

We had a table that had all kinds of supplies like sequins, fabric markers, sharpies, puff balls, glitter glue, etc.

There should be another table with makeup, compact mirrors, hair brushes, and hair accessories.

There should also be some kind of runway. We have a covered mini bar on our patio and next to it there is an eating table with chairs. We will have a new line success party in that area.

Valerie waited until all the guests arrived before we explained the challenge. Valerie, their boss, said that each guest would get a white tank top dress, make sure you get the right sizes. They would draw a sketch of it before they started gluing. Then when they are done they get dressed in the dress, put on makeup, do their hair and stand near the runway.

Separate the girls into two groups and pick one group to go model first. Give the audience disposable cameras and tell them to take pictures like paparazzi. Then do the same to the next group. When everyone has finished it is time for the new line success party.

Have sparkling drinks in plastic champagne cups and have them laid out on the mini bar counter. Have the girls eat pizza- its fine. We got an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and put Valerie Style logo on the cake.

The favors were the outfits, the hairbrush they used, some type of makeup and we made cute business cards that had the Valerie Style logo on it and on the back it said thank you for coming to Valerie's 13th birthday party.

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