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Project Runway Party -13yr- Choose a Model



April 2009


Natasha in San Francisco, California, US

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Runway Fashion Designer Party

For my 13th birthday party, I am planning on having a project runway party. I love the show and thought it'd be cool to have a party based on it.

INVITATION: I am going to up an application form based off the real one for the show. Of course, it'll include all the party details plus some cute little questions like do you know how to be original, draw, and create? And that kind of stuff. They'll go into envelopes with the PR logo printed onto the corner of them and the girl's name in the middle.

DECORATIONS: They'll be nothing too extravagant, exceot for a black sheet placed over our pool table with those string lights placed around them to make it look like a runway. A plain white sheet will hang in the doorway with a light shining behind it and the Project Runway sign on it using my mom's projector from work to make it look like the scene from the show. There'll probably be around 2-4 chairs in the room depending on how many I can get to help judge.

ACTIVITIES: There will be 5 challenges, and you may need to rearange depending on the times you start because some might be better if they take place outdoors, however they can take place indoors as well.

Challenge 1: sketch and create. Every girl chooses a model which are barbies, based on arrival time (who gets there first chooses first)and then every girl is given a theme. They must draw out an outfit along with shoes based off this theme. Also, using things like tin foil, felt, cotton balls, etc. they must design an outfit for the barbie also based off the theme. The two designs don't have to be the same. We'll probably be given about an hour or so, time can easily be changed.Once time is up, the girls present their creations to the judges, coming from behind the sheet and everything.

Challenge 2:Natural Accessories this will most likely take place outside but it can easily be moved inside. The girls have to create a set of a necklace, bracelet, and earings using only natural materials like branches, leaves, flowers, etc. It would be smart to let the girls use paper if they want to use a flower in your yard that you don't want picked so they can draw it out and use it. Latches and what not don't need to be created, just looking for the design.

Challenge 3: Create a mini. This is my creative way of having everyone make their own dinner. Every girls is given an english muffin or an extra in case they want more to eat and a theme. Pizza supplies like sauce, cheese, pepperoni's, bell peppers, mushrooms, etc. are set out on the counter. Each girl must make a pizza that relates to their theme. Make sure you tell them to only use things they would want to eat because they will have to end up eating it for dinner. Food coloring will also be provided in the case that they want a color but don't like things on their pizza that are actually that color. When everyone is done and the creations are cooking, we'll take this time for presents and cupcakes. The cupcakes will be light blue and white and have a popular saying on it from the show like make it work" or something. During this time challenge 1 and 2 should be scored

Challenge 4: the search for lip gloss. I will get 6 flavors of lip gloss and put them in mini present bags. On each bag I'll write what flavor is inside. Then you create clues that are like the amazing race where one clue leads to the next. At the beginning have an envelope with each flavor written on it and the first clue inside. The person who won challenge 2 gets to choose the flavor she wants first then so on and so on. This is a fun way to have everyone get their lip gloss part of the favors.

Challenge 5: make up and hair time. Everyone chooses a name of another girl at the party to be their "model". Each girl takes a picture before anything is. Then either three people are randomly selected or it is the top three people from the first challenge that do the job first. Themes may or may not be given.

After the process is done "after" pics are taken and the girls can wash stuff off or keep it on and the roles are switched. After this we'll probably just take some photos for memories and what not to go along with the photos that were taken during the whole thing. The rest will just be us girls hanging out and sleeping over. The next day awards will be given out before parents come.

FAVORS: Portfolios of all the girl's drawings their partner's before and after pictures pictures from the party a gift certificate participation certificate a fashion mag etc. will be passed out soon after the party for favors.

Enjoy! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo"

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