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A Princess -15yr- Chandeliers, Pink Flowers & Candles



March 2008


Maddy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Teen Princess Party

Last year I turned 15 years old.  I had trouble deciding on a party theme but we decided that a princess party would be the best choice. 

I sent out disney character bithday invitations to my 25 closest girl friends. We told them all to come so that they felt that they were princesses.  The costumes were great.  Some girls came in ball gowns and everyone had on really nice dresses.  I wore my sisters huge grad gown because she had just graduated that year.  All the girls look beautiful! 

When they entered our driveway we had a huge bubble machiene blowing and the walkway was lined with rose petals. 

When they all arrived we took pictures of us along a big banister and stair case.  As we waited for our food we all gathered in the living room and ball room danced. 

We had fairy tale books all around for people to read or look at.

For supper we had prepared 4 course meal.  We started with a delicious salad served in carved out apples (this was like the poisoned apple).  Once we were done that we were given pink grapefruit sorbet (to cleanse the palate!).  Then we were served chicken a la king with little cherry tomatoes! for dessert we were given merange with beautiful tasty fruit on it. We were served tea with dessert.

The table was beautiful.  We had chandeliers hanging and sparkly pink table runners.  We had swan ice sculptures in the middle of all the tables (we rented tables and chairs). We had big pink flowers hanging from the ceilings and it looked like they were floating.

The girls drank sparkling cider out of goblets and we had borrowed china plates from our friends. 

After we ate and relaxed we all got into our swimsuits and swam for the rest of the night in our back yard pool.  In the pool we had glowing roses. 

The decorations were beatiful and there were so many little details that made you feel as though you were in a real castle. It was definatly a night to remember. 

That was almost a year ago and my friends are still talking about it.  Thanks mom:).

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