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Disney Princess -19yr- Disney Princess Trivia



June 2006


Cessily in California, US of A


Teen Princess Party

All of my friends and I were back from our first year of college and we were looking for something fun to do. Including myself, there is exactly 6 of us and 6 Disney Princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel). It just so happened that all six of us fit the profile of each princess.

I went to Walmart where they had Disney Princess everything; invitations, plates, napkins, table clothes, etc. Before hand I went to a local toy store and got little figurines for each princess.

I ordered a cake and had them place the figurines on top. Albertson's sells a Disney Princess cake, but it doesn't have all 6 princesses (it is all about equality).

When all the girls arrived I had them wear a sticker that had their princess on it. I got crowns for ever girl that we could decorate with jems and glitter and wear for the rest of the night.

Since it was a sleepover party we watched all of disney princess movies and played Disney Scene-it and Disney Trivia. FYI at Toys R Us they sell many Disney Princess games for the younger ones.

In the morning I made mickey mouse pancakes and served it with Donald Duck orange juice. Yes, my whole group was almost 20, but no one is too old to enjoy Disney.

For the moms or ones my age who are into scrapbooking, craft supply stores (i.e. Michael's) sell a variety of Disney/ Disney Princess scrapbooking supplies. As an early Christmas present I am  going to do a scrapbook page for each girl or "princess" from the pictures of that night/morning and frame them.

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