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Cinderella Party -13yr- Dinner Under the Stars



February 2008


Amanda in Los Angeles, California, USA


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For my 13th Birthday Party I decided to have a Cinderella Theme! Its not as kiddy as it sounds! 

INVITATION: For my invitation, I put the usual Cinderella Carriage on the front of this lightly tinted brown paper. Then inside, I wrote: You are cordially invited to celebrate Amanda's 13th Birthday Party" Please meet at Amanda's house at _________(address) at 6:00 sharp on December 14.

We will be having dinner everyone got their champagne glasses and went to the stairs for all the parents to take pictures.

After ten minutes everyone heard honking outside. Everybody ran out and there was a Limo Bus! The reactions on everyones faces were hilarious. They all started screaming and my dad took pictures one by one as we stepped into the bus.

My little sister and her friend were dressed as little servants and escorted us onto the bus. No one new where we were going except for me. It was an hour drive to our location but the guests were entertained because you could dance in the bus. We arrived at one of my mom's good friends house.

We ate under the "stars" in their backyard. They had a lot of trees in their backyard yet everyone was covered with lights. The table had a white tablecloth over it and a plastic pumpkin that was painted silver was in the middle.

For dinner we had shrimp scampy steak potatoes and biscuits. It was a lovely dinner. Then we left the house and headed to BJ's for dessert. We ordered three monstor pazookis.

Then we headed home. It was near 12 so my mom said everyone must get changed into their pajamas before 12 o clock strikes. After we were changed we all watched Cinderella. 

GAMES: Everyone was entertained by the Limo Bus that we didn't really need that much games. But we did have one game. It was a quiz about the movie Cinderella. Who ever got the most answers right got to change before everyone else. The people who missed a lot had less time to change. 

COSTUMES: Everyone was dressed in fancy dresses. The birthday girl me was dressed in a long flowing light blue gown and had white long gloves. My hair was don’t up like Audrey Hepburn and I had beautiful white shoes. 

PARTY SNACKS: We just had little candies and chocolate dipped strawberries. 

CAKE: We had a chocolate ice cream cake and on the top was a cinderella scene and a picture of me on the top. 

FAVORS: In the favor bag we had cinderella lipgloss and pictures of everyone from the party."

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