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Princess Party -15yr- Pink Limo & Ice Skating



October 2007


Sarah in England


Teen Princess Party

I have always been a typical girly girl and so this year for my 15th, as its in the winter I wanted to do something different for my party.

All of my friends birthdays are in the summer so they can have pool parties and bouncy castles, so because my party can only be indoors, I have to make it different. I decided I would have a princess barbie themed party.

My birthday is on a school day which was handy because I am hiring a pink limo to pick me and 7 friends up from school on the last day before we break up for winter, I havent told my friends we are going home in a limo, they just think my parents are picking us up, so they will have a bit of a shock when they see the limo waitng for us.

To start the princess theme off, aswell as the limo, the chauffeur will give each of my friends a pink rose with a pink ribbon around it. Then inside the limo we will each have 1 glass of pink rose each, plus lots of pink sweets. At home I will have decorated the dining room and sitting room to co-ordinate with the pink barbie princess theme.

I have pink material draped from the floor to celing to cover the walls, also there will be pink streamers, garlands and tinsel attatched to the material. Like a royal banquet, the side board will have all the food layed out and in the middle there will be a pink chocolate fountain that I am hiring.

The table will have a light pink cover on, and the plates and cups etc are all barbie themed, In the middle of the table the centerpeice is a large sculpture of a princess castle with Sarah scripted into it.

At night we will all go to warwick castle ice-skating and enjoy some hot coco there, then we will go home and watch some scary movies and princess movies, then the next day we are going to get our hair and make-up done payed for by my parents.

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