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Disney Princess -17yr- Played Musical Chairs



December 2006


Risha in england


Teen Princess Party

For my 17th birthday I had a last childhood party. Its one year away from 18 so I wanted it to be the most kid like posible. I had a disney princess theme and everyone had to be in fancy dress. 

My invitation where written on scrolls(tea stained paper and tied with ribon) It read princess risha invites her royal highness princess (name) to a ball of her life time. She will have to be dressed in her best princess attire.  

When they arrived a royal calling was done by my dad and then lead to the lounge. We placed a large red carpet leading to the door.

In the 'party room' we decorated it with helium balloons and played clasical music whlie waiting for the others to arrive.(drinks were served in wine glaases and appetisers were served on silver plates by older brother dressed as a waiter)

Once people had arrived they were shown to the dining room where we made name cards and had lit candles.

They were served a choice of mexican and italian meal. (this was a great time to talk and be girly)

After the meal we played childish games like pass the parcel and musical chairs.

Followed by watching Cinderella. As night fell the garden was lit with fairy lights and candles and the princesses walked out to watch a firework show and the blowing out of birthday candles.

They parted with beatiful jewellary and a fairy tale book. It was loved so much by my friends and we had so much fun they are asking me to do the same for my 18th.

It is really worth having a go at this it takes some time organising it, but its not too expensive and has a wonderful fell ot it.

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