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Pirate Party -13yr- Sea Food on Butcher Paper



December 2012


Jasmine in Melbourne Victoria Australia


Teen Pirate Party

Turning 13 is a pretty big deal, so I wanted a super fun party to go along with it. One that people would be talking about for ages after. I chose a PIRATE theme!

Invitations: I typed out all the info in a piratey font and printed it out on normal printer paper. I typed in pirate language" (lots of ahoys and arrrrs). To make it look old I screwed the paper up then flattened it out again to make lots of creases. Then I dragged a wet tea bag over it to make it an old brown colour. I then tore the edges rolled them up and stuck them into individual bottles. I put some sand and sea shells in the bottles also then corked the tops.

Decorations: I held my party at a local lake that has lots of BBQ areas and stuff like that so decorations were limited. But what I could do looked pretty good. I hung up streamers and balloons in white black and red. I also pinned some old fishing nets up which had toy crabs weaved through it.

There was also pirate themed bunting and against one wall of the BBQ shelter I pinned a big drawing of a ship to have a photo shoot in front of. The table cloth and cups and plates were all blood red.

Activities: We had this huge scavenger hunt over the whole park. We were in 4 teams of 5 people and each clue lead to another clue and we had to collect hidden stickers from everywhere. It wasn't easy but that made it fun.

We also had a boat building contest. In the teams we had to build a ship out of cardboard tape and anything else we could find. The boat had to be big enough to fit the whole team in. Again way too fun.

Then we had this massive game of capture the flag. Spread out over 4 acres. This time we were only in two teams. It took us ages to find the other team's flag! When we won we went back to where our stuff was and did a photo shoot, which was pretty cool. We did tons of pirate poses and took over 200 photos!

Costumes: I wore a puffy white shirt and a black vest. A black tutu skirt and red leggings and black boots. I also tied a red scarf like a sash and had lots of gold chains and jewelry. And of corse a bandana and eye patch! 

Food: For lunch we had fish n chips which I thought was very pirate. Served on butcher paper without cutlery. That's how us pirates like it!  I also served orange jelly boats with paper sails chicken daggers (honey soy chicken on skewers that look like daggers) watermelon ship (a watermelon carved to look like a ship and filled with fruit) pirate cupcakes and lollies with pirate names. 

Cake: Chocolate in the shape of a ship. It looked really cool; it was covered in mini cannons and rigging and portholes. It was amazing! 

Favours: I wrote the word BOOTY onto plain brown paper lunch bags. Into them I put some gold chocolate coins temporary tattoo a water pistol some jewelry and some other little pirate things.  Altogether I had such a fun time and even now 3 months later people are still talking about how awesome my party was! "

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