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Pirate Party -14yr- Palm Trees & Seashells



February 2008


Daniela in Denver, CO, USA


Teen Pirate Party

PIRATE PARTY 14 YR I had a pirate party for my 14th birthday, and here's how it went! 

INVITATIONS: I took a piece of regular printer paper that I soaked in tea and let dry, then I crumpled it and burned the edges to make it look old. Then I wrote in pen this: Avast! Ye lucky landlubber be invited to me 15th Pirate Party! Aye me buckos I bid ye to be thur at __'o clock on the __ day of ___! (Ex: "21st day of July) We'll have swash-buckling fun! Be thur or walk the plank! Arrr.....!" and put it in a glass bottle.

I gave each of my friends pirate names like Sailor Sammy Swallows and Crying Crystal. (I was Captain Dany-Anne Swallegers since my name is Daniela and middle name is Andrea.) I wrote their names on the bottle with a sharpie. I invited about 4 friends. 

DECORATION: I had nautical touches all over my house like a fishnet with plastic fish in it and some life rings all over. There was a treasure chest in a corner filled with beads gold coins Hershey's nuggets and other shiny things.

There were fake palm trees and seashells too. We also put up a few of our Halloween decorations like a skeleton that we put a bandanna on and some skull and cross bones. The good thing about pirate decorations is that you can pretty much combine decoration from a luau party and Halloween decoration and that looks very pirate-y! 

FOOD: For my party we went to Red Lobster for lunch. I told the girls not to eat before the party because my mom was going to take us there. My mom paid $10 per girl for their food and they had to bring their own money if they wanted something more expensive.

The people at Red Lobster sang me happy birthday and gave me a free cake. We went around lunchtime so the food was around $10 for each course. At my house we also had snack like chips and pop for when we came back. 

ACTIVITIES: When the girls arrived we just sat around for a while until my mom drove us to Red Lobster. After we ate we went back home and waited an hour while just messing around. Then she drove us to my grandma's apartment pool and we swam around.

Then we went straight to Block Buster's to rent a movie and then went home. At home we watched the movie and just messed around like a regular sleepover until dawn. In the morning we had waffles for breakfast then the girls went home. 

GOODY BAGS: Before they left the girls got an empty loot bag and filled it with candy and goods from the treasure chest. It was kinda like a pinata. I also gave the girls some pictures of the party. "

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