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Pirates of Caribbean -13yr- Invite in a Bottle



June 2008


Hulna in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Honorable Mention

Teen Pirate Party

For My Friends 13th Birthday we threw her a surprise pirates of the caribbean birthday party; because she is OBSESSED with jack sparrow and the movies! 

INVITATIONS: for the invitations we made them on the computar using Montotype Corsiva font. Then we printed them out and then we took tea bags and dabbed them on each invitaion, and then we burned the edges (it took awhile because we invited our whole class!).

We found some clear plastic bottles at the local party store and we rolled up each invitation and put them inside, and wrote each person's name with black permanent marker on the outside of the bottle. 

DECORATIONS: we found a life sized carboard cut-out of Jack Sparrow and used that as a decoration as well as part of her birthday present (you can find those online, or your local video store may be able to get one for you). We used black, and orange as the main party colors; so we got black and orange streamers, balloons, and tablecloths.

We also found some pirates of the caribbean napkins, cups and plates which we bought (can be found online or at a local patry store) . We also dug up some old halloween decorations (plastic skeletons, platic skulls, and plastic shakles) and put those up (hung the skeletons by the skackles on the party area's wall, and we put some skulls on the tables were we'd be eating).  

THE PARTY: I invited my friend to sleepover, but inside of a sleepover she arrived to her surprise party at my house, where all of her friends and classmates would yell SURPRISE! Happy birthday!" when she opened the door. 

ACTIVITIES: Before we started any activities we put all of the guests (myself and the birthday girl included) into 4 teams: 1st team: The Black Perals 3rd Team: The Flying Ducthmens and the 4th Team: the sao fangs. 

1st ACTIVITY: for the first activity we had a treasure hunt around my yard (we live on 4.5 acres) with everybody playing in their teams. The first team to complete the treasure hunt and find the treasure chest ( made of cardboard and found at party store) won and their team could pick a prize from the chest (the treasure chest had prizes bought from the dollar store and were used for prizes during all of the events).

2nd ACTIVITY: for the 2nd activity we played capture the flag. We took 2 teams and made them into one large team so intotal we 2 large teams. We divided our yard into half (the front yard vs. the back yard) and each team was given a pirate flag (can be made using black material with a skull painted on with fabric paint) and had to hide it in their area. We played about 2 rounds of that and the winning team of each round got to choose a prize.

3rd ACTIVITY: next we had a 'cannon ball fight' using black water balloons. In this game their was no winning or loosing just fun!

4th ACTIVITY: next we went swimming (because I have a pool) for about an hour (we also hired a life guard because there was lots of kids there!) 

FOOD: For the food we had hamburgers hot dogs shrimp fruit kabbobs chips and the other regualr party snacks. But this is where it gets really exciting. For dessert we had a pirates of the caribbean cake with this really cool pirates of the caribbean candle found at (REEAALY GOOOD SITE).

LOOT BAGS: For the lootbags I bought some wooden mini treasure chests found at the dollar store (the blank ones you can paint  which are found at michaels craft store) and I filled them with chocolate coins a mini fan a jack sparrow pencil and some more candy. "

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