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Neon Glow Party -14yr- Neon Food Coloring



November 2009


Adelina in Tolleson, AZ USA


Neon Glow Dance Party

My daughter wanted a Neon Nights Glow Party for her 14th birthday. So I decided to take the challenge.

For the invitations I took a photo of her wearing a neon colored party dress and glow in the dark jewelry. I took her photo and pasted it on zebra cardstock. I then decorated it with silver glitter and neon lettering purchased at a local craft store. On the corner of the invitation we attached a mini glow stick. (The people who were invited loved the inivitations)On the back of the invitations I wrote the party details and gave some neon dress hints.

We had the party at our house so we decorated the living room into a mini night club. We bought black paper roll and spray painted it with neon colored shapes using stencils. (stars, triangles, and circles)We then hung mini glow sticks from the ceiling.

For the three tables we decorated them with double layering. Zebra print on the bottom and neon pink on one table, neon green on another table and neon orange on the last table. All purchased at a fabric store. The center pieces consist of clear cellophane wrapped over glow cups and then attached with neon animal print balloons. We have a black leather loveseat so I put it in the party room and decorated it with zebra pillows attached with glow necklaces. (I used the leftover zebra fabric and placed it over my current pillows temporarily)

The buffet table was covered in the same zebra and neon fabric. On the buffet table we placed the neon cupcakes in the center with glow necklaces around the cupcake holder. We also bought clear glass jars to display the neon colored accessories offered to guest. (we had them lighted so that the display looked nice and bright)For the cutlery and papergoods we bought everything in neon color. (orange,green,pink,yellow) We also had a candy bar display for the teens to pick and choose what they wanted.

We decided to get colorful candy to display like skittles, starburst, ring pops, and poprocks. We also had neon colored popcorn balls. We put those in lighted candy jars as well. For food we had subs, potato salad, and chips.

For fun I added neon food coloring to the potato salad. When the guest arrived you could here the teens saying how cool it looked. It was also cool seeing the teens dressed up in neon colors. The teens thought it was pretty cool.

During the party we had music playing and contests. We had contest like best girl/guy dressed in neon,dance contest and karoake. We also had a raffle for the centerpieces.

We had a game where the teens were paired up and they had to put on all the glow accessories quickly. The pair who does it the fastest wins. That was real fun to watch.

The party was a big hit and many of the teens told us how fun it was that they can't wait until my daughter's next birthday party.

For the party favors the teens got to take home glow accessories (bracelets,necklaces,glow sticks,glow glasses,earring, and headwear) popcorn and candy. I bought star printed clear cellophane bags with neon and zebra tissue paper to hold all the goodies.

My daughter said it was the best birthday party she has ever had.

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