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Black Light Dance Party -13yr- VIP Room



August 2010


Tori in Woodstock, GA

Honorable Mention

Neon Glow Dance Party

For my 13th Birthday I had an awesome party. 

For the invitations my mom made a customized invitation on the computer using a picture of a dance party with different color lights and the heading Tori's Off the Chain 13th Birthday Bash".  (Since most of my friends are on facebook I also sent out an event invitation online as well using the same graphic from the printed invites.)  

My mom rented a community center that had a large room with a stage.  She hired a Dj and he set up on the stage area.  My mom hung 4 large black lights from the ceilings by the dance floor.  A few nights before I had some of my friends over and we used black light paint to paint really cool banners.  (These were placed around the room)   My mom also had purchased some black light posters and hung those up as well.   We set up tables behind the dance floor. 

My mom covered them with white tablecloths and she put fiber-optic little lamps that were battery operated on each table.  She ordered some baloons off the internet that had blinking lights in them and she attached these to the centerpieces.  Those looked so cool and they were a big hit.   The outside of the community center was decorated with lights and flashy streamers as you walked in.  To the left of the lobby area was a table set up for people to leave gifts.  

There was a table in front of the entrance with the "bouncer" that was checking guest names.  (I had invited over 80 people and 72 had RSVP'd so we wanted to make sure no extra people came)  We had the parents (if they came to the door) write down their cell phone nbrs by their kids name just in case we needed to contact them.  We handed out a glow necklace and a glow bracelt to each guest as they were checked in. 

I had made VIP passes on lanyards for people to gain entrance to the VIP room and gave these out to a few special friends.  The VIP room was guarded by the "bouncer" and only allowed people with VIP passes to enter.  When they came out of the room they had to turn in their VIP passes and then they were given to someone else that had not been in the room.  We also played games for people to get the VIP passes. 

One game was "Cheeto Head".  My mom got some paint tarps and put them down and there were three groups that competed for the VIP passes.  They selected a person to be the "cheeto head" and they received a pancho (made of large garbage bags) and a shower cap. When the DJ told them to start one person on each team grabbed shaving cream and put it all over the selected person.  One by one the team members (who had bowls of cheetos) started throwing the cheetos to see how many they could get the to stick to their heads.  The whistle was blown and the team  that had the person with the most cheetos on their head won VIP passes.   It was really funny and we got some great pictures of this!  

By the end of the night everyone had a chance to go into the VIP room.  It was a large room with a few tables set up.  My mom had some butterfuly chairs and lounge chairs brought in for this room.  She also went to goodwill and bought large cheap decorative pillows and put them in a corner.  She hung gauze material over the area and that was a little niche that people could sit down and just chill. 

There were fuzzy blankets that she used thrown over some of the lounge chairs and those looked cool.  In the door way flashy streamers that reached the ground and covered the entrance.  There were some floor lamps that she brought in too  People really liked chilling out in the VIP room.  It was so muich fun!   

For my cake my mom took pictures of all my friends and made a collage of it  She printed that out and took it to the bakery and had them make that photo in a photo cake.  (The cake was very large and had to be put on a table and wheeled out.  Everybody loved the cake and everyone wanted to get the piece of cake with their picture on it.   :)  

There was a 8 foot bar (attached to the kitchen) that opened into the large room area and drinks were set up and there was a "bartender" serving drinks.  In the back of the large room my mom had a buffet table set up with chips a fruit tray veggie tray chicken tenders and pizza.    

Some of the favorite songs were the cha cha slide the macarena and the chicken dance.  Of course the DJ played all the latest hits too and we all had such a great time.  This party was the talk of the town for months to come.  People can't wait to come to my party next year."

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