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Neon Dance Party -13yr- Neon Cakes



May 2009


Alexandra in USA, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale


Neon Glow Dance Party

For my 13th birthday party, My best friend and I had a Neon Dance Party. It came out as a great success.  We invited 60-100 people and we had it in a hotel party room. We prepared for this party 2 months before.

We had Neon colored plates, Neon colored Cups, Neon colored Cakes, and Streamers and other decorations were also Neon. We used the colors Pink, Green, Orange, Blue, and Purple. We had a DJ fully equipped with Stereo's, Strobe Lights, and the newest music.

We set up tables all over (Besides on the dance floor) and no one sat in them! Of course, they all sat on the neon blue couches (That was just lucky :))

We had Chicken Nuggets, Bagel Bites, and Mini Tacos eat. Also fruit and vegetable dips (Which no one touched). To drink we had my best friend's dad make Non alcoholic margaritas and strawberry daiquiris.

We had everyone dance, at the beginning of the party we handed out glow necklaces and bracelets, which while everyone was dancing (We set up stuff so it would not damage the place) they would break the glow sticks and whip it around the room, with it get all over people.

We did not know this was going to happen, but you cant plan everything so we bought non-toxic glow sticks (Just in case) even though my parents were a little mad, that turned out to be the most fun! It turned out great, we did not have any of the events before hand planned and that's why it turned out so great.

People still say it was the best dance party of the year. The only thing that could have gone better was the time, we had it 7-10 and that was not near long enough.

Before it was totally dark no one danced, and nothing glowed it turned into the best at 8 so we only had 2 hours. I would say do your part from 8-12 at the least 11.

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