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Glow in Dark Dance Party - Decorate Shirts



March 2009


Lexi in Lville NJ, USA


Neon Glow Dance Party

Ever thought of having an original party that no one else you know would think of? Try this one, it's sure to please!

INVITATIONS: For invitations,  you could just write the guests names on a black shirt and the party info on separate paper. You could use green or blue gel pens on black paper to write party information. If you really want the guests to wear the shirts to the party, but worry about them forgetting to, just give them out at the party.  Since this is a dance party, you need music. Have a place on the invitations where your friends can write the song and artist name of their favorite songs, or just ask them and write it down.

DECORATIONS: Here's the important part. Buy some black lights, glow sticks, glowing tableware, glow balloons, glow dough, EL wire (it's basically glow in the dark material that you can make images out of), and any other glowing supplies. IF you want to make a funny appearance, buy a glowman or glowgirl costume so you'll really stand out during the party. A good color scheme is black, blue, and light green because blue and green are popular glowing colors.

Buy black tablecloths, paper plates, paper cups, napkins, and streamers to make the room look dark. As you bring out the glow sticks, cups, balloons, and whatever else you bought, the room will look very cool and presentable. A good idea is to have your friends wear different colored glow bracelets or necklaces so you know who is who because the room is supposed to be pretty dark. Place a boom box or stereo somewhere.

GAMES AND ACTIVITIES: Basically, dancing and hanging out are the main activities for this party. You can have craft stations where people can make charm bracelets and decorate their shirts with glow fabric paint. Play the songs the guests have requested, and make sure everyone sees you dance in your glowman or glowgirl costume! It's going to look awesome, everyone will stop and stare. Also, don't forget to play some of YOUR favorite songs, too, it's your birthday!

COSTUMES: Guests can come in glowman or glowgirl costumes if you'd like, or they could just wear casual clothes with their personalized glowing tee.

PARTY SNACKS: Make chips, popcorn, pretzels, candy, and other finger foods available at one table in the corner of the room.

CAKE: You can make glowman and glowgirl cupcakes with the glowing outline of them drawn in matching colors with colored icing on white icing. Pick your favorite cake flavor. You could also make one large glowman or glowgirl cake by drawing the glowing outline using the matching color, and you can cut the cake to be shaped like it. Or you could do the traditional happy birthday____________ in a color that looks like it glows. You could even make chocolate cake, but don't ice it in white so that your images or text really do glow. There are some glowing birthday candles out there, you can use them, too.

FAVORS: This part is easy. Gather ups some glowing novelty items like glowing…sticks, glasses, necklaces, dough, pens, and anything else. Since it's a dance party, you can throw in some CDs or iTunes gift cards. I hope you were enlightened by this idea!

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