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Neon Dance Party -13yr- Musical Hugs



January 2011


Caroline in Chicago, IL USA


Neon Glow Dance Party

Heyyy everyone! I'm Caroline, and I'm turning the big 1-3 in early June. To celebrate, I'm having a SUPER SHNAZZY DANCE PARTTAYY!

Invitations: They're Neon Purple with neon yellow writing, and say Please Join Us for Caroline's 13th Neon Dance Party!" and all the details and stuff.

PLACE: My country club has a HUGE ballroom ON THE TOP FLOOR so we're renting that out for the night.

DECOR: I'm having a photoshoot so those pictures will be blown up big and put on the walls. Also were doing neon banners balloons and streamers. The dancefloor in the ballroom blinks different neon colors so thats all set. So cool :)

FOOD: I'm having a "Bar" in the corner with this really good soda-juice mixture I came up with (There's also buckets of soda and water there) Also there will be a min-buffet line with mini BAGEL DOGS (my favorite) and crackers and cheese and stuff. For dinner we'll have pizza and pasta and salad and bread. For dessert We'll have a mini-bar of stuff like cake brownies cookies candy etc.

WEAR: I'm asking everyone to wear neon so it will look really intense with everyone in bright colors. I'm wearing this neon yellow boxy tee with a neon pink tank top neon blue spandex over neon cheetah print leggings neon leg warmers and neon socks. I'm also wearing a neon orange headband and glow in the dark nail polish.

GAMES: we LOVE the hugging game and snowball. The hugging game is like musical chairs but with people. The girls stand in a circle in the middle of the guys who circle around them. When the music stops you have to hug someone. If you don't you're out. Sometimes as people get eliminated things get more extreme. The guys get down on one knee and the girls have to sit on their knees. It's sooo fun. Snowball is when you slow dance with someone then they say snowball then you find someone else. Also there's regular musical chairs (I won once.. Oh yeah.) and When the guys sit on chairs and the girls have to sit on their laps. Both are fun. We'll see what we end up doing.

TREAT BAGS: All my favorite types of candy (Laffy taffy hershey kisses sweet tarts chews rock candy gum.)! Simple but always a hit. It should be soooo  fun! I'm inviting like 80 kids  and it's on Friday June 3rd (I want everyone to be talking about it all day ehehehe.) I'm doing Co-ed tables with 12 to 14 kids at each. There will be fake-raybans on the tables for everyone to take home on the tables. For the centerpiece I'm getting colored-scented candles in a storm-vase. It's  from 6:00-11:00PM  Hope you liked this! -C"

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