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Teen Glow Party -13yr- Glowing Sodas



February 2012


Alaina in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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Neon Glow Dance Party

For my 13th Boy-Girl Birthday Party (although this idea could be used for ANY occasion), I decided to go with a glow in the dark party. It's a perfect idea because it's gender-neutral, and really easy to find things for the theme. 

INVITATIONS: Take black card stock, cut it into half. On one side, write the party details in neon or glow in the dark puffy paint. ( maybe put white paper on top before writing.) On the other side, write __________'s Glow Party!" Or ________'s __th Black Light Party!" Or _________'s Highlighter Party!" Or "_________'s Glow-In-The-Dark Party!" in puffy neon or glow paint. Mail them to all of your guests telling them on the invite to wear white neon or glow-in-the-dark clothes. 

DECORATIONS: Black Lights are key to a great Glow Party. You can purchase flood lights screw in bulbs or plug-in long black lights. Have at least one or two in every room of the party. I also recommend strobe lights disco balls bubble machine or fog machines to add to the fun of the party.

I recommend white plates cups napkins and plastic silverware because white glows under a blacklight. Putting neon pink green and yellow tablecloths under the white will be a fun contrast. I recommend white Christmas lights around the house as well.

Some websites sell LED light up cups & glow in the dark cups. I've also seen glow silverware in craft stores and websites. White streamers draped all over the room adds a cool glow. Attach white helium-filled balloons to them but insert a glow stick inside it before blowing it up. 

ACTIVITIES: I hung white butcher paper on the walls in the garage backyard and living room and set a basket of highlighters and glow paint next to each piece of paper for people to doodle and write fun messages throughout the party. I also set out disposable cameras on four tables for people to take pictures so I could develop them after the party.

We listened to good music as well and watched scary movies! I have a fire pit in my backyard so I had camping chairs arranged in a circle while we made s'mores. 

PARTY FOOD: Like every teenager enjoys we ordered a large cheese pizza and a large pepperoni pizza. I had chips of course. Mountain Dew & Orange Fanta tends to glow under the black light (Also mix tonic water with regular water and pour into ice cuber maker to freeze overnight. Make sure you mix it with regular water because the taste can be really gross but it DOES glow.) so we got those but my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper . <3

So it was the only one that didn't glow under the black light. Luckily we had 6 gallons of vanilla ice cream in our freezer so we made dr. pepper floats and some of us made ice cream sundaes. (We also had a couple other foods that glowed but here's a tip: who knows? Some foods that you already have in your home might glow just use a black light to test.) 

CAKE: I LOVE cookie cakes so we decided to make one ourselves so we could control how it glows. We decided to experiment with glowing frosting by mixing frosting with a little bit of tonic water. If you don't add too much it will still glow under black light without the taste being so horrible. So we did white frosting on top. (Which glowed under the black light.) & wrote "Happy 13th Birthday Alaina! <3" in neon piping frosting mixed with tonic water. 

FAVORS: I decided goody bags were a little too kiddish so instead I put a basket of a different kind of glow jewelry on each table in the house.  My party was really fun & I hope yours is too. I'm still looking for better ideas for glow in the dark cakes and d├ęcor so hope you enjoy! :D"

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