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Luau Party -14yr- Twinkle Lights & Torches



January 2009


Kayla in Massachusetts, USA


Teen Tropical Luau Party

Hi my name is Kayla. My best friend and I have birthdays around the same time so we are sharing our party. 

INVITATIONS---We are inviting between 30 and 40 girls and boys so it's going to be pretty big. We are going to hand out invites with hibiscus flowers and palm trees, and they will be personalized with the person's Hawaiian name.

DECORATIONS---When you first walk to my backyard there will be candles leading the way to me and my best friend where we will be handing out leis. The pool is going to be filled with floating beach balls, and the perimeter of the backyard will be surrounded with Christmas twinkle lights and Tiki torches.

Decorations will include brightly colored crepe paper, many balloons, and tables will have brightly colored table cloths, and the center pieces will be fish bowl with fish, and balloons will be held down in the center of the bowl. Hibiscus flowers will also be strung and placed everywhere outside.

FOOD--- There will be a long table with a spread of a lot of food. We will be serving Hawaiian pizza, meat and pineapple kabobs, traditional Hawaiian dishes, munchies, and fruits and vegetable platters, there will also be the normal hot dogs and hamburgers.

Also, there will be a drink bar with virgin pinĂ¯ coladas, strawberry daiquiris, Shirley temples and other frozen drinks. Lastly, there will be a table with two cakes 3-tier cakes, one for me and one for my best friend.

ACTIVITIES---Once all of the guests arrive we will start to swim and play games such as chicken, volleyball, limbo. Me friend and I aren't going to plan a lot of games so the party can just flow.

We will also dance to the music coming from the DJ's stand. After a while of dancing and games, the fist surprise will arrive… Hula dancers!!

We will all learn how to hula dance and then once finished with that we will start to eat. During the last hour of the party fire throwers are going to come and perform for us while we eat cake.

As the guest leave we will hand out personalized t-shirts to everyone, and everyone will leave except for a few who are sleeping over. I hope you like my party, though I haven't had it yet all of the plans are set and it is sure to be a success!

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