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Hawaiian Luau Party -15yr- Tiki Torches



January 2010


Jessica in Parakai, Auckland, New Zealand

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Teen Tropical Luau Party

For my 15th birthday i am going to have a hawaiian luau theme (i am inviting 7 of my closest friends)(it will be a sleepover) i got this idea from this great site!

INVITATION: for my invites i used microsoft word, i typed up the info in a hawaiian style lettering at the to i wrote ALOHA in big letters, then i wrote their hawaiian name and english name, then the details and added some hawaiian themed clip art to finish i will role the invite up and tye some brown string around it tada!!

DECORATIONS: this is my favorite part! my party is inside and outside so i will decorate the inside like the ocean and the outside like the beach Inside- i am going to hang this green netting on the cealing and also hang green, blue & white streamers across the room on the netting i will put shells i collected from the beach. i will also have blue and white balloons losely around the floor i will hang up some signs that i have made saying hawaiian frases like aloha and all that. inside i am going to have a tiki bar on the kitchen counter (my brother is going to be the barman) i made a tiki bar sign i am going to hang it from the cealing above the counter i will also have a menu sign with the drinks they can order using a small whiteboard, i will hang leis in various places aswell.

Outside- outside i will put tiki torckes i luckly got from my local dollar store and the warehouse (MASSIVE SCORE) i will lay out beach towels, sunhats, sunglasses & umbrellors like the beach, i will hang streamers and some balloons also i will hang christmas lights that i have stuck white paper lanterns on to (that i have made myself) so when i turn the lights on the paper lanterns will glow pretty colours (i stuck a lantern on each second light because otherwise they are to cramped together) i will put a few plasic flowers around also (from dollar store)i will fill this little todler pool i brought with water balloons and plastic water bottles for a water fight also i will put around afew tikis and palm trees i had drawn and put on cardboard and cutout(for the palm trees i didnt have green paint so i used green food colouring straight from the bottle with a few drops of water, the cardboard was brown so i left the trunk) on the tables i will put colourful table cloths and scatter shells around.

ACTIVITIES: when the guest arrive (music will be playing) i will greet them with a big ALOHA and a lei, i will have our Wii set up so the guests can play Wii sport resort games, there will be limbo, warter fight, there will be a best dressed comp, at night we can play spotlight and all that .

GAMES: for games there will be hot coconut, hawaiian relay race mabye a treasure hunt i havn't planned too many games cause i just want the party to flow.COSTUME: for costume i will ask them to dress in hawaiian luau attire eg. hula skirts, sarongs, togs ect..

PARTY SNACKS: for snacks I will have the normal chips and dip, lollies & finger food. For dinner I will have a bbq and salads with some hawaiian dishes I will set it out as a bufet. Pudding will be ice cream and fruit ( for serving bowels I will buy water mellons, coconut and pinaples cut them in half and hollow them out)

CAKE: for the cake I will make a round cake and ice half of it blue as the ocean using marzapan I will make a little palm tree, umbrellor and beach towel and arrange it on the non iced side I will also scatter MnMs on it for shells.

FAVORS: the leis I gave them, prizes the would have won like lollies & hula skirts.  If you are planning your party on a budget or even if your not checkout these places I went to: your local opshop or thrift store I scored these glass shell shaped plates, a garden tiki, a hawaiian cd, glass cups for the party. Also check out your local dollar store and trademe(New Zealand) ebay(america) and the warehouse or even better make some of your own decorations like I did :) I hope my party turns out great and I hope yours does too ALOHA!!

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