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Hawaiian Party -14yr- Pineapple Shaped Cake



January 2008


Rachel in Hexham, Northumberland,UK


Teen Tropical Luau Party

For my 14th birthday I had a hawaiian party.

INVITATIONS: i made postcards with a beach on the front and information on the back. i gave them out at school to my three best friends.

DECORATIONS: i made paper lanterns, streamers on top of the doorframes, and put flip flops, beach towels and beach balls in the living room. I also had an inflatable parrot and a world map with a big arrow saying 'YOU ARE HERE!' pointing to hawaii.

THE PARTY: my guests came at about 3 o'clock dressed in hawaiian costumes (flowery tops and curly hair! one of my friends had an actual grass skirt-I was very impressed!). I gave them leys ans grass skirts" (made from green bin liners). There were sweets and "cocktails" (mixtures of fruit juices)with paper umbrellas on arrival. we had a limbo competition and danced to lots of cds (and videos from

For one game you put 5 smarties (or other small sweets) on paperplates and sprayed squirty cream on top. the first person to get all smarties onto a second plate only using their mouth won. It was great fun and if someone didnt want to take part they could take pictures with a digital camera. I also made a pinata out of papier mache in a pinapple shape and filled it with sweets bracelets and party poppers.

For one game I hid different coloured paper shapes around the house and once they had found them all they took them over to the prize table and chose the prizes hat matched up. (body spray lipgloss rubber ducks-hehe and the stuff needed for the squirty cream and smarties game). After that we had tea.

FOOD: fajitas with salad and then raspberry jelly and fruit salad for pudding.

CAKE:  We also cut my birthday cake wich was in the shape of a pineapple. (just make about 6oz of coconut cake mix and put it in two oven proof bowls. then you put one on top of the other upturned one and cover it with chocolate butter icing in little peaks. for the top we dyed marzipan and icing green and cut it into leaf kind of shapes. voila! heehee)

After that we watched a couple of films and got ready for bed (but talked for ages until my mum told us it was time 2 sleep (about 2:30am!). In the morning we had breakfast (just toast or whatever people want) and played another game. Each person has a piece of paper and a pen. They each write the first line or two of a story and fold the paper over so that nobody can see it. You then pass it to the person on your left and write another sentence. This carries on until there is no room at the end of the paper. Then you read them out. It is really funny!

Another game is 'consequences' where you do exactly the same but instead of a story you write: boys namegirls name where they met wha he said what she said the consequence. This can be very funny depending on how much you use your imagination (and the people you choose to write down!).

Finally we made silly videos to music on my friends digital camera and ate more birthday cake til peoples parents arrived.

For goodie bags I put in sweets from the pinata balloons and prizes they had won throughout the party. It was a really good party and everyone had loads of fun.

It isnt very expensive but it took quite a lot of time to plan. It was worth it though!!!!! Hope you have fun if you use my ideas!!! Oxoxoxoxoxox"

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