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Luau Sleepover Party (13-15yr) Make A Sundae



September 2007


Caitlin in Christchurch, Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND

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Teen Tropical Luau Party

For my 14th birthday I decided to throw a Luau! My birthday is in November (new zealand summer) so I could have it outside. I wanted to give my party a fun easy going relaxed atmospere. To achieve this I didn't plan out the exact details of my party and I alowed time between activities to chill and chat or stay on that activity for longer. I sent out invitations 2 weeks before the party to make sure everyone kept the date free. Since it was a sleepover I only wanted my close friends there and ended up inviting 6 girls. Since I normally don't throw big or themed parties I was given quite a big budget to spend. I wanted to have great decorations so I decided to spend my money on that and not on going out somewhere.

INVITATIONS: I made the invitations by hand using bright colours and glitter and cut them out in the shape of palm trees. I wrote on them at the top I wrote ALOHA in big letters, after that I wrote the date, time,place, RSVP and to bring your togs and overnight gear. I rolled up the invitations and put them in a clear plastic bottle that I had already put sand, glitter, confetti, a paper umbrella, tropical flower and a few wrapped lollies in.

DECORATIONS: I the dining room to have half the the party in. It was good because it had giant french doors leading onto our large balcony/porch. I kept the french doors open during the whole party so the guests could easily go in and out when ever. Along another side of our porch is the living room which has french doors running all down one side. I kept these open to so it kind of combined the three areas. My uncle works at a hardware place so he got us a trailer load of sand which we covered the porch with.

Our porch has steps going down from it leading into the pool area which is surrounded by trees. It's cool because you can lean down and watch people in the pool and even jump off the side of the balcony! I decorated the railings of the porch and the trees below with fairy lights and streamers and leis. I hung a massive ALOHA sign between 2 trees. I put heaps of coloured balloons and theme related inflatables in the pool.I also hid a bubble machine next to it.

On the beach" (porch) I layed out beach towels with magazines and sunglasses etc. around the place. I put inflatable palm trees and streamers in hot pink guests could buy these with the fake money the earnt from the games. I had a small volleyball net and an inflatable limbo set as well. Above the french doors leading to the dining room I put a massive sign that said Tiki Bar. I decorated the dining room to also be like the beach (minus the sand) I set up stands like the ones outside only with food.

On the main table I made a centerpiece using a pinapple and confetti glitter candy and some lilo and stitch toys. I hung helium balloons from the spikes of the pineapple leaves. I layed out the cutlery and plates etc I got from the deluxe luau pack at beside each place mat I put a small basket with various treats party poppers confetti (from oriental trading) around the table I hung a table grass skirt and to each chair I tyed a helium balloon. The rest of the room was decorated with helium balloons and inflatable palm trees and streamers.

In the living room I decorated it to be like the ocean with blue streamers and balloons helium and also scattered around the ground. I hung blue and green streamers in the doorways to make waterfalls. This was the room we would sleep in. A friend of ours works in a beach hut so she supplied us with seven double inflatable lyelos that we could sleep on. I covered the ground with this really cool blue giant sheet we had. I also hung inflatable fish from the cieling. in the corner I put a giant inflatable whale. We had a small kiddie pool that I filled with water and ice and put in this room. I bought inflatable flamingo coasters from oriental trading and put cans of soda in them so the could float in the kiddie pool. 

FOOD: for food we had hawaiian pizza tropical fruit kebabs chocolate fondue sausage rolls chips dip etc just the normal stuff decorated to make it look tropical. My cake was an ice cream one with a beach scene. we had soda and fruit punch to drink in coconut cups ( For breakfast we had fruit smoothies and pancakes

ACTIVITIES: We swam in my pool for hours we played pass the coconut limbo volleyball had a dance off hula style! Dressed up in the hawaiian stuff I had presented them with as they arrived. Had a make your own ice cream sundae fest! Played the game wear you have a cake of flour with a candy on top and you take turns cutting slices off and the person who makes the candy fall down has to eat it without using their hands we ended up having a flour fight! Did some crazy relays played tropical fear factor had a fashion show had an ice cream eating contest then my mum drove us to the mall (not part of the plan just so we could show of our hawaiian stuff) she gave us each $5 to see what we could buy when we got back we spent the money we earned from the games on the favours stands.

After that we had dinner opened the presents and went back in the pool had a cannonball contest and tried to surf! Then we had the cake lay on the beach towels and chatted. By then it was about 11 and we got into our pj's and my parents went to bed.we watched a movie played truth or dare and talked until we all fell asleep. 

FAVOURS AND PRIZES: I gave each of my guests a goodie back which I made with cellophane tyed up with a helium balloon that had their name on it. Inside I used various things like cany lipgloss key rings etc most of which came from oriental trading.  I hope I helped you have a great hawaiian Luau! Happy Birthday! "

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