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Hotel Retreat Party -13yr- Chicago Fun



May 2007


Missy in Lake Forest, IL USA

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Teen Hotel Party

ok so for my 13th birthday I invited 3 of my closest friends (I would have invited a ton more if I could have).

I made the prettiest invites, I printed out the info onto cardstock of my friends favorite color (mostly variations of PINK) and then I cut it out with shapes scissors and then i glued it onto a slightly bigger cutely patterned piece of scrapbook paper and punched a hole and tied a piece of ribbon (the kind you use in your hair) on it and told them to bring the ribbon!

I live not so far from Downtown Chicago (and so we took the train there) so on the invite I told them to pack enough for staying 2 nights. I also told them to bring at least 2 bikinis! Then I also told them to bring one fancy outfit and a comfy pair of shoes for shopping! We got a really nice but cheaply priced hotel near the Magnificent Mile. Obviously my parents and brother got their own room and me and my friends got our too! When we got there we started to go shopping right across from our hotel. I told my friends that I was getting money from my parents who were checking in.

I rushed up to the room and decorated with pink and yellow and light orange balloons that the hotel staff helped blow-up. As my parents and a concierge decorated with streamers I set up a small spa in the bathroom and then rushed back to my suspicious friends. I told them all to bring their stuff into the hotel and my parents put it in the room. After we re-united with my parents we went shopping at Hollister Co., Abercrombie, Coach, Louis Vutton, Nordstrom, and many other stores. We went back to the room around 5:30 and got ready, makeup, hair, clothes.

We then got into our taxi and went to a really nice restaurant and had a lot of fun there. Then afterwards my mom took us shopping at small boutiques for the remainder of the night. When we went back to the room we got our swimsuits on and went for a long fun SWIM. Then we used the spa we created and the hotel had been very generous and told us to go down to their spa and use whatever we wanted! During the time period we were blasting all the most recent music from our iPods. We then dressed crazily and had a dance party and took lots of pictures and made a lot of videos!

Then around 10:30 we got a knock on our door and it was the hotel telling us to turn it down :[ but we then popped a movie and we were all asleep by the second half of our 3rd movie! When we woke up we went to the breakfast buffet and then we got dressed and ready for Navy Pier! We had a blast on the rides and had tons of fun. Then later that day we went to the beach and had a small beach party while my parents and brother went to the children's museum our boyfriends came and we had a lot of fun on the beach. Once my parents came back we went to the hotels hot tub and gossiped about our boyfriends and other girls and stuff.

Then we went up the room and showered off and did even more shopping and then once we got back we got dressed up really crazy and ordered room service and creped out the people walking down the hall by me and my friend doing flip-flops all the way down the hall in these really cool puffy skirts my friend has. Then we had another dance party and did nails, hair, and made pillow cases (using sharpies and plain white cases) and then we had a small scavenger hunt.

The hotel had a small gift shop and a restaurant and a pool and spa so we had given each place a envelope and we would have to find it and complete the task it says before moving on, kind of amazing-race-ish. We each had a partner and then we went off. I didn't even know where each item would be or what the clues were. It was really fun and we ended up at a small coffee shop right next to our hotel. Then we went to our room and got our pjs on and watched 6 movies while eating popcorn and calling the radio from our cell phones. After a while we got tired and we went to bed.

They didn't know it but I set the alarm clock to 3 a.m. to wake us up. At that time we brushed our hair and snuck out and went to the pool in our clothes. We swam for an hour before sneaking back to our room and then we went back to bed. When we woke up we played lots of games found on this site (as we did throughout the party) and we then went to breakfast and had to pack up our stuff ;[. But to their surprise we got off the train only one stop into it and went to the Sears tower where we had lots of fun for 2 HOURS and then we had to get back on the train and go home but we still had a blast.

Once we got back I ask for everyone's cameras and they all gave them to me. I also gave them their goodie bags which were small makeup cases with all kinds of goodies in them and they loved them. I quickly downloaded all the pictures onto my computer and had my mom drop them off. I then made them each a 13 paged scrapbook and they loved them. I'm really happy with the results. Hope you find it helpful. -Missy

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