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Holiday Inn Party -13yr- Who Am I Game



May 2007



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Teen Hotel Party

Well for my party i am hosting it at the local holiday inn and getting 2 rooms. 1 for me and my homies, and 1 for my friends. I will type out invitations and give them to them. I got some ideas from this site and made up some too, kinda...  Decorate the party room the following bathroom: balloons placed on the mirror in the bathroom in pink (or another color) and put make up, hair stuff, curling irons, curlers, straighter, nail stuff, ect. And place it in a fun way.

Then in the Room: have the study desk or table clean for food and writing, then on the dresser or counter or easy to access spot with the snacks and drinks. Place pillows on the ground, a I-home or speaker set on the bed-stand, and balloons attached in different places. Bring blankets, pillows, and girly stuff and put it around the room to sit on, sleep with or for comfy-ness, also hand stuff up and make the atmosphere girly and fun. DON'T FORGET THE PILLOWS!! 

Game 1  As everyone arrives have everyone make up or think of a game with a partner or by yourself (it can take place in the pool, room, hallway, whatever) then write their name on a piece of paper then put it in an envelope. During different times of the night open each evelope 

Game 2 Play who am I? To play have two drawing envelopes and have a parent or yourself draw 1 name and that person comes up, the same person then draws a name from the other bowl and the try to act like that person, winner is the one who guesses and they are awarded a prize. Rules will include to be respectful, and king or whatever to avoid fighting or being offended.   Inform guests of hotel rules, personal rules, ect.  And ask if anyone needs to say anything personally to me or when there leaving  Then have everyone place their stuff some where (closet or whatever) tell them we will be beautifying in the bathroom and we will use the stuff later.

Then we will go swim for 30 min. (play games, talk, hot tub) then go back up to the room. Once in the room  we will change or dry off then there will be a table set up with Chinese (or another cuisine) and everything for the food. We can eat and talk then pick a game to play. Then play that, first identify the game chooser/ maker and have them lead and explain-teams are always randomly chosen- then get ready and start the game.  After that you can watch a movie, play again, choose a new game, dance, talk, or whatever. 

Game 3 Musical Fun, have everyone start on the beds and they have to jump (lightly, sorry) off the bed onto the floor and onto the 2nd bed, back and forth across. Have someone judge to make sure you step onto the floor then onto a bed, and try a practice round. When you are ready to start play some music and have the judge start and stop the music, if you are on the floor you stand by the judge, or in a free space. If you are caught cheating or not going on the floor you are out. When you are out you play freeze dance with the music. As the more people join freeze dance choose another judge so there is 1 person judging each game. The winner of the bed jumping gets 2 prizes or 1 big prize and the freeze dance winner and judges gets 1 prize.  You can then play more or go swimming.

After all swimming is done for the night (or so you think) make sure you have played all of the games and vote for the best one all together best made-up one and make an award for each person's game. Then put on you pajamas or comfy clothes and do each others hair, nails, make-up, ect. after that use 1 of the beds in the room as a stage as you walk down the stage(bed) in you awesome pajamas and make-up, hair, all dolled up, lol, then decide on the greatest looks and award prizes however you would like. 

You can then got to bed or watch movies or talk (gossip, play truth or dare, whatever). The next morning go for a quick dip in the pool and get ready for breakfast however you want then eat and pack up to leave have the guests leave about 30 min.- 1 hour so you can clean up and pack then check out after giving you farewells to your guests. I hope my ideas help, and happy planning. :) :)

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