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Hotel Party -13yr- Fashion Show



June 2007


Christie in Roslyn NY USA


Teen Hotel Party

I'm planning to have a Hotel Party with a theme of a spa/ fashion thing for my 13th Birthday. I had a somewhat hard time finding a hotel online that was at least 10 miles away from home, but i did! :) I was excited it is the Homewood Suites by Hilton. We got a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom suite so we could have some chaperonning and some privacy as well. 

Decorations: Since the check in time was 3 PM, We decided to make the party at 5 pm so we would have some time to decorate. :D My friends and I each decided a color for each other so everything would be personalized because im only invited 4 friends. I am getting about 20 ballons in yellow, blue, pink, green, and purple (my color). I also will decorate in those color streamers. In the bathroom it will be purple ballons about 5. The favors will be in a basket in the bathroom. In the bathroom there will be relaxing music and some sweet smelling things that help you relax.  A cotton candy machine, bubble blowers and a stack of presents will be there also. 

Activites: There's going to be a lot of stuff. We're going to go to the pool and also play some games. Some are : Shoot, kiss, or marry, Human Slot Machine, Musical chairs, freeze dance, truth or lie, and some other games like a scavenger hunt. There will be candy scattered everywhere and a map of the place and people have to find it. Whoever gets the most wins! There will be play money for later also.

We're also doing a fashion show" where i will buy some inexspensive clothes at a thrift or discount store and will let them decorate it with bits of fabric glitter buttons boas etc. for 1 other person. Since needles are very dangerous they can use: tacky glue stapler tape and double sided tape. They have 45 minutes to do this and then we walk down the "runway". There will be catagories (i am the judge) prettiest neatest cutest and best for a date.

Then we will go to the hotel restaurant and maybe even go shopping. We will have an auction with little things for the money where everyone "pays" for up to 3 presents and I open my presents too:)  After that we'll come back to the hotel and my parents will go to sleep (hopefully) and we'll play truth or dare and watch 50 first dates. After that well go to sleep. My mom will wake us up in time for breakfast which we can get from the hotel or use the kitchen in the suite. 

FOOD: There will be fruits and veggies hot foods and instant noodles (because there is a microwave) im planning on making virgin margeritas giving fruit popsicles chexmix potato chips icecream etc. Candy will be scattered everywhere also. 

Prizes and Favors: For the favors I will use a project from michaels to make paper bags and popped chocolates tictacs lip gloss tanktops in assigned colors manicure sets nail polish makeup candy etc. The prizes will be spa things clothes socks flipflops hats lotions and some bad ones will be there too - like a backstreet boy cd. The little watches(let's say) will be wrapped inn an enormus box so they will think it is big.

I hope this party is a success. It's about a month before it now and im sending out invites tommorow and plan on shoping this weekend (to start the shopping). Hope it is fun! :) :D "

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