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Hotel Weekender Party - River Rafting



March 2003


Olivia in Boston,MA,USA

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Teen Hotel Party

Hotel Weekender Party: What i did for my party was that i went to this river rafting and then to this really cool hotel. It was really fun and it actually wasn't to much money.

INVITATIONS - For my invitations i called the hotel and asked them to send me 3(thats how many guests i had)pieces of stationary and wrote the information on that. Another cool idea is to write all the information on a piece of paper and then cut it up so your guests will have to put it back together to see what it says.

ACTIVITIES - I'll just give you a run through everything we did.Some of it has to be done at a hotel but u can change it to fit with our party.We picked 3 of my best friends up at about 10:00 am in the morning and we drove to somewhere where none of my friends knew where we were going. In the car we played the license plate game - u have to see how many different states you can find on liscense plates and spell a sign - u have to see how many different words u can make out of a sign on the road.

When the car stopped we were at this river rapid place called Kangamancus( i really don't think that's how you spell it.) In The river we played games like rafting races and hide-and-seek behind all the big rocks. When we left there we went to this really nice hotel called the Indian Head Resort. The first thing we did was go swimming inthe outdoor heated pool. We played marco polo,catergories and chicken.When we got out of the pool we were wicked cold so we went up to the room and changed into our PJ's. Then we went downstairs and ate dinner in our pajamas;it was so funny!!! Still in our pajamas we went into the lounge and did karaoke(if u aren't staying at a hotel or u don't have a karaoke machine you can rent them at a local music store)Then we went back up stairs and had a pajama fashion show. Each girl picked a song and then strutted her stuff on our "runway"(2 beds pushed together)Then everyone voted and the winner got to pick a prize from our grab bag(u close your eyes and grab a prize from a garbage bag full of knicknacs.see below for prizes)

Then we had a dance contest. We split into 2 teams and we each had 30 minutes to pick a song and make up a dance. Then we performed it for my mom and her friend and then they decided witch one they liked better and everyone on that team won a prize from the grab bag.After that played animal magnetism. I asked each guest to bring a stuffed animal and we put them in a big pile. Then each girl had to search through the pile blindfolded and try to find her animal. I think only one person got it rite.Next we did pedicures, manicures,facials and make-overs. I brought all kinds of buety stuff:eye shadow,lipstick, blush,glitter,brushes,curling irons,straightners,curlers,scrunchies headbands,mud masks,nail polish, fake nails,decals,etc.Plus I asked guests to bring their own stuff so we had a blast.After that we roamed around the hotel looking for anything interesting and fun.( I found 5 bucks LOL)When we came back we played "Hot or Not". Before the party I made a list with all the boys at our school and then I had everyone rate each boy.  It was so funny what people wrote!I also had people bring a tube of toothpaste and then everybody tried everyone elses and we voted on the best one and tnhen we wrote a letter to the toothpaste people about what we did.

After the party I really mailed it!:) After that we watched a chick flick called Never Been Kissed. Some other good chick flicks are Now and Then, Bring it On,Sugar and Spice, Miss Congeniality,Beautiful,10 Things I hate About u and Save the Last Dance. We talked and played truth or dare, charades and this game call "What the Heck". How you play is one person is it and they make some kind of noise such as opening a zipper and everyone else has to guess what it was.I think we stayed awake all night but I'm really not sure. The next day we got up and put on water outfits like shorts and a bikini top and we went swimming in the pool. We had breakfast at the buffet table and then we got in their paddleboats and had relay races. This was how I think on of them went. You run from the starting line around this pole 3 times, get in a paddle boat, paddle to the other side of the lake, stick a flag in the ground, catch a fish, paddle back,go around the pole 3 more times and cross the finishing line with your fish.LOL!!! At around noon we stopped to eat lunch and then we went and played basketball and tennis in the courts. They didn't have any volleyball courts so we created our own. We found a fold-out table and turned it sideways. Then we got on our knees and played with a balloon. I think we looked really stupid but who cares?

While we were doing all this stuff out doors my mom went around the resort and hid clues for a scavenger hunt. She gave us the first one and we had to follow the directions on it. For example one of them said"Find a young boy who knows a lot about the hotel who is standing behind something wooden and ask him for something you wear near the floor"This went ask the man ask the man working at the desk if he found a shoe. Inside the shoe was the next clue. You get the idea. When we finished that, my mom had put up a pinata in the shape of a lipstick. We smashed it and there was all kinds of candy it was so cool. Later we played poker with it.LOL Then we went back into the dining room and ate dinner. When we went back to the room it was all cleaned again and in the corner there was a huge pile of pillows(my mom asked the maids) We ended up having a huge pillow fight! One of the pillows literally popped!Oops!!!! Then someone knocked on the door a guy came in with a birthday cake that said "Happy Birthday Livi".This guy was followed buy a bunch more guys carrying ice cream,nuts,cherries,hot fudge, butterscotch, strawberries, sprinkles,etc. I was totally stoked!!! We had tons of fun making our own sundaes. Then we sang Happy Birthday and I opened my presents.

After that we played BINGO Babes. Its just like regular BINGO except instead of the letters B I N G O  you have B A B E S and instead of numbers u have names of boys from school. Its so fun. Then we played Mummy Wrap where you have to be the first team to wrap your "it" in toilet paper.After we played a weird but fun game called Bag Bowling. U set up 6 sleeping bags(or towels) all rolled up in a triangle like bowling pins, then use a soccer ball as a bowling ball and try to knock down the bags. Then we watched a scary movie called "the Hauntings" Other good scary movies are The 6th Sense,Signs,The Mummy, The Mummy 2, Poltergeist and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The next morning everyone showered and got dressed. We went down to the dining room one last time and had a breakfast buffet. Then we piled and the car and began to drive home. On the way home I gave everyone their goody bags(see below)Then we dropped everyone off at home with lots a memories. A few days later the pictures got developed and we gave them to all my friends.FOOD - Breakfast and dinner were provided from the hotel so I cant help you there. But for lunch we had sub sandwiches(we ordered ours but there easy to make;just slice Italian bread and fill it with whatever.)For snacks we had chips, pretzels, granola,M&M's, brownies,cookies,mini donuts,Reeses,Kit-Kats, Twix, Starbursts ,Milk Duds, assorted nuts, ice cream, popcorn, fruit, veggies, goldfish and Oreos. For drinks we had lots and lots of soda,water,milk and milkshakes.Also there was a snack machine around the corner so we could buy whatever we wanted.

PARTY FAVORS - These are just a few ideas - address books, candy, mini flashlights, keychains, nightlights,pens, mini magnet picture frames, lip gloss,eye shadow, travel shampoo and toothpaste,nail polish, fake tattoos,hair clips and glitter gel. Also I put the party favors in little satin pouches. They were really,really pretty.I hope my ideas have helped you to plan your party.Thanx!!!                                         ~Olivia~

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