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Around The World Hotel -13yr- Foreign Foods



August 2013


Katelyn in lima,ohio,usa

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Teen Hotel Party

I'm not usually an early planner, but I decided to get on top of it this year (because I'm turning 13!!!).

DECORATIONS: My mom and I have decided to have an around the world birthday bash in a hotel!!  What we decided is to have 3 different countries and have what type of snack or meal they would have there,and put it in that country.  Also, we have decided to put a few games in that country.  So I picked 3 countries: U.S.A., Britton, and China.

For China we will decorate the bedrooms in their native theme and put fortune cookies in a bowl and for a game we decided to have, "fingers out", this is how it works;
1.Two players face each other. 
2.They count, one, two, three! and on three they put out their right hands,closed or with one or more fingers extended and at the same time shouting out some number. 
3.The player who guesses the correct number of the sum total of fingers extended, or the nearest to it, scores a point. 
4.Five points may constitute a game.

So then for Britton we decided to have it in the bathroom, so Brittn can be the spa and the decorations would be like; a British flag and so forth, and the snack would be something in the old times because Britton's have the same candies and chocolates but it is still a spa so we have for that Croissants, but we would not have a game for Britton because we have the spa for it and it is in the bathroom so we would not have any room for it.

For U.S.A we decided to have U.S.A in the living rooms so we could eat our dinner, which is PIZZA!  Even though it mainly came from Italy and Greece, the Americans turned it into a old time favorite!!!! So instead of eating somewhere expensive, take out, or anywhere else, get a 14 to a 18" pizza you could always just have pepperoni and cheese or ask what your friends like!! But for the activity since the hotel has a swimming pool we will be swimming in the pool!!

INVITES: I'm thinking about having different cards for each friend but within the same country style(stickers works wonders) and we'll have silver paper, and then have like the countries' flag just smaller than the silver paper and it will be like a little book so when you open it up it will have like; name, date, rsvp, and location (I'm thinking about having 4-7 friends coming).So like 1 of my friends will have U.S.A., and so they will have a U.S. flag, fire works, and anything that resembles it. Another friend will have China, and so on, then I will put a fortune cookie on it and a yo-yo. Britton will have Croissants and coffee mugs (because a lot of Brittish people are very sophisticated). 

CAKE:  I have a very pretty cake but it doesn't have to tie into the theme!  It has to tie into your personality! So my cake is a three tear purple and teal cake on the bottom tear I have beatified rosettes and the second tear has zebra prints with my name resting on the side (block letters with silver glitter) and on the top it is quilted with fake rhinestones where the lines of the quilted fondant meet on the very top is 13 with hearts and stars and peace signs coming out, and you can have that stuff here and there (letters, peace signs, hearts, and stars are not edible) A cheaper route is having a two-tier or a one-tier with your favorite things and your name and how old you are!

FAVORS:  For the favors you can always do something so simple! Such as having little bags that are silver and you can stuff things in them (but must be arranged in the theme) such as fortune cookies, make your own flip-flops, friendship bracelets and so forth.


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