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Hotel Bash -13yr- Activity Center Fun



September 2012


Jacquie in Austin, Texas USA


Teen Hotel Party

Every year my birthday party options are limited because my birthday is in February, I can’t go to the beach or the pool so I really wanted to do something unique for my 13th birthday party. My parents decided they wanted to go all out for my 13th birthday party because I was going to officially become a teenager. We decided on a Hotel Slumber party type of thing but I only invited 4 of my closest friends; 5 including me because it was quite expensive.

For the invitations I went all out. I used my special scrapbooking paper and bought some scrapbooking stickers from Hobby Lobby (crafts and stuff kind of store). The invitation consisted of this; You are invited to join Jacquie celebrate her 13th birthday on Saturday February 24 at 2:00 to Sunday February 25 at 4:00 pm. Please meet us at address (my house) for some lunch then leaving to go to the Renaissance Hotel where we have activities planned. Please bring your swimsuit, pajamas, something formal for dinner, and something nice for the day planned for Sunday. Hope to see you! P.S If you would like to bring money, feel free to since we will be shopping. 

On the day of the party my mom and I got to the hotel at around 12 pm with décor from party city. We had two room’s one big room for my friends and I, and the other one for my parents and brother. We decorated the room with red streamers (the theme was France) and a couple of hanging Eiffel Towers on the ceiling. We had some pink, black, and red balloons set out, we set out some Paris décor and we were all set.

We drove back to our house and picked up Chinese for my friends and me to eat for lunch. When we arrived at home it was about 1:45 I got my things ready and my friends started arriving, everyone was excited!

We ate then left to go to the hotel, when we got to the hotel it was about 3:00 pm. We went up to our room and explored it & set our stuff up.

We then left to go to Main Event (Activity) where my parents each gave us a $20 dollar game card, we got to play laser tag, bowling, do rock climbing and of course games.

After that we went back to the hotel and it was around 5:00 pm we did each others hair and makeup which was tons of fun, and got dressed up for dinner. We had a couple minutes to rome around the hotel. We left for the Cheesecake Factory at around 6:30 pm where we had my birthday dinner and we did some shopping in the shopping center next to it.

We got back to the hotel at around 9. We had plans to go to a late night cinema showing at 10, we left to go there, bought some popcorn and soda. The movie was about two hours long and we ended up leaving at around midnight.

We got back to the hotel and we still weren’t tired! So we got ready for bed, and played truth or dare for a while then fell asleep at around 2:00 am.

We woke up the nest morning at about 9 we ate Mc Donalds (I know sounds healthy!!) then got into our swimsuits and we went to the pool, we then took showers and got ready for some shopping at the mall.

By the time we had actually started shopping my mom gave each of us $30, my mom hung out in Jc Penny while we did our shopping around the mall. We shopped for about 2 hours by then it was already 2 pm so we had some lunch at the food court and drove back to my house where we had a fashion show with the new stuff we bought. It was so much fun!!!!!!

My mom took tons of pictures of my friends and me being silly during the fashion show . When we had gone through everything new we had bought we settled down and watched some tv until parents arrived.

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