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Downtown Hotel -15yr- Watching Street Performers



August 2014


Samantha in Denver, CO, USA


Teen Hotel Party

For my 15th birthday, we stayed in a city in Colorado called Boulder and hung out in the Downtown area there. Your local city's downtown area is always a fun place to be; from the street performers to the shops to the restaurants, there's always going to be something to do.   

INVITATIONS: I just bought nice stationary and wrote down the standard party information (who, what, when, where, what to bring, etc.) on it. I taped candy bars to the envelopes and handed them out to 3 of my closest girl friends.   

ACTIVITIES: Everyone showed up at my house at around 3:00 and we took the 45 min drive up to Boulder. We then checked into our hotel and got settled before we headed out to downtown Boulder. I gave everyone $15 cash to spend on whatever so we spent time shopping in quirky, independent stores and gawking at street performers. (A lot of cities have Farmers' Markets on Saturdays which are cool.)

Then, it was dinner time. I literally stood on the sidewalk, spun around a few times and pointed to a random restaurant in the vicinity. It was spontaneous and they had really good food!

After dinner we explored the city's nightlife whilst enjoying scoops of ice cream.

We headed back to the hotel and pampered each other with the face masks and nail polish I had brought. We watched The Breakfast Club" and just hung out all night doing normal sleepovery things.   

SNACKS: I brought TONS of different snacks and candies. There were M&Ms Twizzlers Swedish Fish chips pretzels Who doesn't love snacks?   

PARTY FAVORS: I had brought my polaroid camera with me and I had taken pictures all night so I gave my friends the pictures I had taken with them. I thought this was enough of a favor considering I had already given them $15. Plus they were cute keepsakes.   

DECORATIONS: We didn't need many because we were at a hotel but I brought streamers and posters of One Direction and 5SOS to decorate.  

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and drove back to my house where everyone got picked up. Overall everyone had a really great time!"

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