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Hotel Party -14yr- Makeover Competition



February 2007


Christina in  CT USA


Teen Hotel Party

For my 14th birthday I had no idea what to do. I wanted 1. a lot of people 2. a party no one would ever forget 3. every detailed planned and 4. to have fun at a reasonable cost. It took me awhile to think of something that would work for all 4 of the things I wanted. But then it hit me. Why not rent out 2 hotel rooms for the night( 2 larger rooms with 2 seperate bedrooms each)? My mom liked the idea of not having to worry about the house being clean then taking a ton of time to clean it again. I have a lot of friends so I invited 16 people , 17 including me. My mom and aunt stayed at the hotel with us.

INVITATIONS- For invitations I kept it simple. I picked out some nice ones at the local target and wrote out all the information and put a side note of what to bring. My mom thought it was best to include directions to the hotel too. I gave them out about 2 and a half weeks before the party. Since I invited pretty much all of my friends, I gave them out at school because I didn't leave anyone out.

PARTY DETAILS- I was thinking and swimming and watching a movie doesn't really entertain everyone for the whole night. So i decided to do something along with it as well. I brought my Karoke Revolution and DDR and had comeptitions. Now I know its sounds kidish at first, but you have to give the girls an incentive to play. So whoever won each competition got a $15 gift card to abercrombie or hollister, and the runner up for each got movie tickets. It was a lot of fun to see how competitive peopel got over $15.

Then I wanted to do one last thing. So we had a makeover competition. It was crazyly fun. Me, my mom, and aunt where the judges for the competition. The girls had one hour to get ready and in one of the rooms we set up stations HAIR, NAILS, FACE, MAKE-UP, and FINISHING TOUCHES. We had everything the girls could ever need to pull off a great look. We took before and after photos of each girl and whoever had the best transformation won a $20 gift card to sephora.

DECORATIONS- The theme of my party was pink. So I had pink and white ballons all over the floor everywhere. I hung up pink streamers and a huge pink happy b-day sign. All of my station signs were in fancy pink calligraphy, since I know how to write in it.

FOOD- I kept the food in my party simple. I ordered a cheese and pepporoni sheet pizza and had lots of chips, pretzels, popcorn, veggies and dip, and candy to eat. I also made punch and made my own cake.

My guests arrived at 6:15 and they all got settled by 6:30pm. We ate pizza and snacks.
Then went down to the pool at about 7:15pm. We swam for about a hour and then went back to the room and got changed.
At about 8:30pm we had cake and opened presents.
By 9pm the ddr competition started. At 9:45 we started the  karoke rev. competitions.
At 10:30 the competition was over and I told the girls about the makeover competition which was a surprise. Everyone was excited and got started right away.
By 11:45 we picked the winner and then all set up our sleeping bags and put on a movie.
The next morning we had bagels in the room and everyone left by 10:30 am it was a great party=)

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