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Celebrities & Paparazzis Party -14yr- Talent Show



February 2011


Madison in Bellflower,CA USA

Honorable Mention

Hollywood Star Party

My friends and I had a lot of fun with this party on and I hope you do too!:)

INVITATION:The invitation was given out according to assigned type-half of the invites went out to celebrities,half went out to paparazzi. The invite was written on designed paper telling the specifics-where the party would take place,when,what time,and,because everyone did have the option to sleep over-what time to pick them up the next day. Special instructions were enclosed in the business envelopes telling the celebrities to get into costume and telling the paparazzi a secret place to meet up(we ended up meeting at a local coffee shop and were picked up and taken back to my house for the party).

Along with that,each person was given either a VIP pass(celebs) or a Paparazzi pass(paparazzi) that were held inside little badge pouches and attached to a string so they could wear it around their neck.These were printed in designed by me,and printed in black and white so they could color and decorate them as they wished.

DECORATIONS: Decorations took us a LONG time. Our color scheme was Red,White,Black,and Gold-basically movie colors. The balloons(color scheme related) were tied in the front of my house onto my mailbox so people could easily locate my house. In the front we attempted to make a red carpet by taping down long red plastic tablecloths,putting black poles on the side of it,and wrapping streamers around the poles(I say attempted because it was a VERY windy day and the 'carpet' wouldn't stay down.) All this was assembled in the front yard,leading into the back.

In the back we had white chairs we rented lined up in front of an open canopy. Under the canopy there was a small chunk of wood that served as a stage(only for a little though,it ended up not being a stable enough,because the rain-yes,the rain. Luckily it didn't rain that certain day-had soaked it and it wasn't able to bear the weight) and to the left a long table that held all the food on top,and all the presents underneath. There were also film related decorations strung under the canopy. And then there was the obvious need for a bathroom sign,so one of my friends designed signs that led to the bathroom and taped them inside with me.

ACTIVITIES: When all the paparazzi met up at the secret location,they were handed disposable cameras. Upon arrival at my house,they went crazy and snapped pictures of all the celebrities. That was one of the main highlights of the party. Another had to be the talent show. There were so many different performances ranging from singing and dancing to a talk show to improv. Everyone participated,even the shyest of guests!

Along with this,someone surprised me with a PINATA!!! After setting it up in the front yard,we all made sure to beat into it,and were greeted with the most random of things flying out of it-cat food,little orange ping pong balls,dog food,and,the most obvious CANDY!

And a party isn't a party without dancing(even if I don't even like to dance! Lol)  so it was only right that my friends would simulate a dance party! It was a whole lot of fun,as people would get eliminated if they couldn't dance til the music stopped,dancing til they DROPPED :P GAMES: See activities. 13 and 14 year olds seem to know how to get a party going and forcing games on them seems to ruin the novelty of a party :P

COSTUMES: This was a major part of the party. Every one of the celebrities chose who to be-at the party we had Colbie Caillat(me!),Taylor Swift,Tyra Banks,Amanda Bynes,Tracy Turnblad(yes,the girl from hairspray! Lol),and many more. Paparazzi were told to dress in black and white.

PARTY SNACKS:Chips(certain chips were requested beforehand),soda(certain sodas were requested beforehand),and pizza. The chips and soda lasted through the night,as did a few slices of cold pizza.

CAKE:The cake was amazingly made by grandma,and designed by me. On it was a printed picture of Justin Bieber dancing(lol) and to the right of that was Happy 14th BirthdayMadison" in turquoise icingunderlined by purple.There were film reelsand microphones behind the Justin Bieber picture. On each corner of the cake there was a zebra strawberry(white and milk chocolate!mmm) and a line of purple icing bordered the cake. This cake was vanilla and filled with fresh strawberries. I have to say this was my most favorite cake that I have ever gotten. It was so beautifulI almost didn't want to eat the thing! Lol

FAVORS: When the time came for everyone to leavepeople took home black goody bags with tags reading 'vip' and 'paparazzi'-each handed out to the appropriate people. These were filled with candysilly strawsgum packs(a teen girl's best friend :O)and little star confettitopped off with decorative tissue paper.  Overallthis party costed roughly $140but was well worth itand surprisingly much less costly than a lot of teen birthdays. Hope that if you do decide to try out this idea it does you well and you have just as much fun as I did. Good luck!:)"

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