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Hollywood Party -13yr- Limo Pictures



March 2011


Amy in Australia


Hollywood Star Party

A few months ago I had a Hollywood Party. It was a lot of fun and my friends and I had a great time. 

INVITATIONS: I made a Hollywood sign online reading Amy's 13th Hollywood Party and then I put the details of the party. 

MUSIC: I got songs off one of my friends and made a disc on itunes. 

DECORATIONS: We borrowed stars from a friend and they hung from the ceiling (there was a couple of hundred)! We bought some banners that were Hollywood Theme, we used some of the stars and i put photos of the girls coming to my party and if i didn't have photos i wrote their names on it and i used a few other things. 

ENTRANCE: I had a red piece of fabric leading down the side going to the front door. On the back of the door was a frame of silver stars and everyone had a close up and more distance photo, we then signed our autograph in a little note pad.

WHAT WE DID: We had a cardboard picture of a lady getting out of a limo with no face so we put our heads through and took photos. Then we did a treasure hunt with no treasure lol! In this treasure hunt we made a scrap book page with 1 of our entrance photos on it, did a celebrity couple match, played celebrity head, had a group shot on the red carpet, found chocolate coins, a book that had been made into a movie and many more things!!!

We also played pass the parcel and I found movie quotes and whoever guessed the correct movie got a point and they got an extra point if they could tell me who said it. We also did plays, we were in 3 groups. Group 1 had to get ready for the oscars, group 2 had to be arriving at the oscars and group 3 were at the oscars! These were very creative and very funny! We then voted for Best Entrance Photo, Best Dressed, Best Team Player, Best Hair and Make Up, Best Actress and Best Drama (which was the best group play). We bought fake oscars and little trophies from the $2 shop. 

FOOD: We had sushi, caesar salad in lettuce leaves, homemade sausage rolls and quiches and a couple of other things. For dessert we had an ice cream sandwich and choc dipped strawberries. 

DRINKS: We had soft drink, watermelon slushie mocktails (frozen watermelon blended and mixed with lemonade YUM!!!) and juice mixed with lemonade 

CAKE: We had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, a star on it and it said 13, around the outside of the star was white cream icing, and at the bottom of the cake it had Amy written in white icing cream. 

FAVORS: I bought silver and gold paper bags and stuck a silver star on each bag and wrote each girls name on it. There were lollies and chocolates in it.

A month after the party I gave all my friends a disc with the photos from my party in it and had Dynamite and DJ Got Us Fallin in Love in the back round (they were the big songs at the time) 

I hope these ideas were helpful

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