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V.I.P Hollywood Party -14yr- Karaoke Singing



January 2011


A.R. in Brisbane, QLD, Australia


Hollywood Star Party

This was my 14th birthday party. I invited about eleven of my friends from school.

INVITATIONS: The invitations were star shaped pieces of cardboard (that I had cut out) painted gold, and with each guests name on the one side, and the details on the other. It said: Dear... You have made the A-list for Hollywood's most extravagant events- A.R's 14th Birthday Celebrations. Be prepared for a red-carpet walk and paparazzi, so dress like the celebrity you are!  Plus the times and all.

DECORATIONS: Along the driveway there was a red strip of material as our red carpet, and my mum and her friends all took photos as my guests walked along it. One even had a notepad and asked for everyone's autograph. When they had made their way up the red carpet they were greeted by my dad at the front door. He was dressed in a black suit and had dark sunglasses. He asked them for their name, and then allowed them individually in.

There were gold, black and silver helium balloons hanging from the ceilings of the hallways and streamers hung as a door to keep people from entering places like the kitchen and bedrooms. We had signs labelling all of the areas. The lounge where there was a kareoke machine, was labelled the 'Lobby Lounge' and the patio was the 'V.I.P. Club'. We had fairy lights wrapped around the palm trees outside, and lounge furniture for people to sit on.

ACTIVITIES: We all got a chance to paint our hand and press it down on our own personalized stars on the walk of fame (hallway). We sang kareoke and had an award ceremony. I stood up the front, next to our tv being the host. On the screen, a photo of each star (taken earlier) came up, as well as their name. Each girl had to come up and give a short speech. At the end, we all voted in a box. 

COSTUMES: My friends wore everything outrageous, from feather scarves, to sparkly dresses, big high heels, to colourful wigs and sunglasses etc. It was cool!

PARTY SNACKS: We had mum's friends as waitresses and butlers who came around serving snacks on silver platters. Things like pizza, fruit kebabs, lollies, cupcakes and more.

DRINKS: Outside on the patio, if guests wanted to order drinks, they just walked up to the window (an open window longer than a metre facing out to the patio. Like a bar type set up) and ordered a mocktail which my dad would make. This was a big hit, everyone felt like adults sipping from plastic martini cups with cool coloured drinks.

Then everyone was awarded their prize. There were awards for 'best smile' 'most dramatic' 'most creative outfit' 'most elegant outfit' 'best red carpet walk' 'best kareoke star' 'best speech' etc. They got plastic oscar type trophies. Then we played limbo outside, when dad called us all out the front. 

He was standing next to a hummer stretch limosine!! We all started squealing with surprise and excitement. It took us for a ride around town and we waved out the windows feeling like real celebrities. Then it dropped us home and everyone left buzzing with happiness and with a dvd of all the photos and videos taken that night.

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